King's Business - 1963-04

C l a s s i f i e d Ads 15 CENTS PER WORD — MINIMUM $3.00 Bibl«s and Books Old Bibles rebound. A price, binding and style to meet every need. All types of binding, rebinding. Write for illustrated folder, prices. Norris Book­ binding Co., Greenwood, Mississippi. Scofield Bible — Retail and Wholesale — All Editions — Fresh Stock — Gold Stampino — Thumb Index — Fowler's Christian Book Store, 113 Main Street, Hamburg, New York. RELIGIOUS BOOKS PURCHASED — Any size library. Send list, or write for details. Baker Book House, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan. King's Herald Free You may have challenging informative monthly reports of God's work world wide through the KING'S GARDEN MINISTRIES. Pray for the youth training and WORLD MISSIONS OUTREACH. Write todav to KING'S GARDEN, Department K, Seattle 33, Washington._________________________________________ C h rM an Homes Personalized care for the aged. Problem cases welcomed in my Christian Home. 17466 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, California. Phone 345-7506. Christian Service Opportunities to serve the Lord and train voca­ tionally for WORLD MISSIONS are offered at KING'S GARDEN — printing, nursing, mainten­ ance, teaching and radio. Contact KING'S GAR- DEN, Department K, Seattle 33, Washington. Help Wanted Christian non-profit organization needs s$aff workers. Single or married. Board, room, com- pensation. Write P.O. Box 202, Seattle 11,'Wash. Expanding business needs Christian management help. General Manager, Certified Public Account­ ant, Sales Manager & Shop Superintendent Fiberglass knowledge helpful.____________________ Mimic Correct and singable hymn music composed, ar­ ranged. edited and printed. Folders free. Ray­ mond Iden (KB), Mount Vernon, Ohio. MUSICAL COWBELLS, Sleighbells, Choral Concert Glasses, Chorded Clusters, Mystery Theremin*. Any range, terms. Arnold Westphal, 1401 Ohio, Michigan Citv, Indiana. Low Cost Radio Time for your tape recorded programs. Gospel Radio Network, 1520 East Main, Puyallup, Washington.

Another project in the ten-year pro­ gram is a Bible course TV program. Mr. J. Edward Smith, president of the Pocket Testament League, Inc., was

Gordo» S. Jaeck, chairman of the Department of Sociology and Anthro­ pology at Wheaton College, has been appointed to direct a one-year study of the youth environment in Kanawha County, Charleston, West Virginia by President Kennedy’s Committee on Juvenile Delinquency a n d Youth Crime. Mr. Jaeck will continue his duties at the college on a part-time basis for the next semester and will spend the entire summer and the first semester of the next school year on the project on a full-time basis. The study will undertake to examine the major social institutions and agen­ cies serving children in the area, in­ cluding schools, courts, police, private welfare agencies, and all informal youth-serving groups. Dr. Rolf Espeseth and Russell Platz of Wheaton, Illinois, were guest ad­ judicators and directors of the massed choir and band at the Northwest Fel­ lowship of Christian Schools’ Annual Spring Musicale. Christian schools from Washington, Idaho and Oregon participated in this annual event. It was attended by over 500 high school musicians. Mr. Larry Ward and Mr. Roy Wolfe, both veteran journalists, have an­ nounced the formation of a unique “ information agency” which will be

e l e c t e d Executive Director by t h e League’s Board of Directors. Mr. Alfred A. Kunz, Interna­ tional Director, was elected Internation­ al Director Emeri­ tus. Mr. Kunz had been the adminis­ trative head of the

Mr. Smith P o c k e t Testament League for22 years. Mr. Smith, in his new office, will direct the activi­ ties of the League. To date more than 24 million Gospels of John and New Testaments in more than 50 lan­ guages have been distributed. Dr. Nathan Bailey, president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, has received official notice from the Missionary Church Association, Rev. Tillman Habegger, president, that it has failed to obtain a necessary two-thirds majority vote which would have ef­ fected a merger of the two groups, to be known as The Missionary Alli­ ance. “ It has been apparent to the constituencies of both of our organi­ zations that the original conversa­ tions and the merger negotiations were conducted in a most cordial at­ mosphere,” Dr. Bailey said. “We know these cordial relations will con­ tinue in the future in our close co­ operation and fellowship in the major task of world evangelization.” Redd Harper has recently completed a series of personal appearances in Australia, New Zealand, throughout the Orient, and Hawaii. Wherever he goes, Redd presents the message of

known as “TELL.” “ Through a phase called TELL Fea­ tures,” W a r d ex­ plains, “ we plan to syndicate editorial, cartoon and photo materials, b e g i n ­ ning with our own efforts a n d later adding the contri-

Mr. Ward butions of others. Another phase, TELL Services, will assist a select list of Christian or­ ganizations in their total informa­ tional and fund-raising task.” Dr. Henry Weaver, Jr., chairman of the Spanish Broadcast Committee of i the Mennonite Broadcasts, Inc., re­ cently led the committee in develop­ ing a ten-year plan. A broadcast for homemakers was one of the urgent needs for the Latin American public as seen by the committee. A short | broadcast to reach those not interested in the Gospel was also high on the I Committee’s priority list. This pro­ gram, possibly one minute in length, would be programmed during the , week to reach a maximum audience.

Send te Priver Time, The K in's Business magn­ ane, 551 So. Hipe, Loe Angelet 17. CeUfanit.

(see advertisement’ inside front cover)

Interdenominational • Evangelical MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE 820 N. LaSalle St.# Chicago 10, Illinois Dept. 4K3 | AV ii . i . iam C n bf . rtson , president S. M ax \ yeli . C oder , dean Please send me Summer School folder, catalog and application papers. 1 Name .................................... ................................ i Address ............ .................... ............ .................. I City .............................................. /one ........... I State .....................................................................

Redd Harper the Word of God, bringing inspira­ tion to those who hear. He continues to write gospel hymns and sing them in his o w ij inimitable manner. His testimony bears witness to the truth of his song “ Each Step of the Way.”



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