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DeSoto City Lights June, 2017 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department DeSoto City Council Approves Amendment to Garbage, Trash and Refuse Ordinance

for the purpose of placing  garbage, trash, or refuse in it  for disposal. If your trash is  not bagged, the solid waste  contractor will tag the  container and leave the trash 

An amendment to the City’s Garbage, Trash and Refuse  Ordinance was recently passed by the DeSoto City  Council that specifies a Ɵmeframe for when trash and  recyclables can be placed at the curb for pickup.  In  order to minimize wildlife disturbing the refuse or other  elements coming in contact with plasƟc bags or  containers, residenƟal refuse and recyclables shall not  be placed at the curb before 6 pm the day before  collecƟon day.     “This amendment addresses problems resulƟng from  trash being put out at the curb or in the alley for pick‐up  a day or more prior to the actual collecƟon Ɵme,” said  Tracie Hlavinka, DeSoto Assistant City Manager.   “When  trash is allowed to sit on the curb, it aƩracts animals  who tear into the bags and scaƩer it.”  To guarantee your trash is not missed by Republic  Services, please have your trash and recyclables at the  curb or placed in the alley no later than 7 am on the day  of collecƟon.   All residents who live west of Hampton  Road have their trash collected on Tuesdays and Fridays.   Those living east of Hampton Road have their trash  collected on Mondays and Thursdays.  All recycle bins,  throughout the City, are empƟed on Wednesdays.   DeSoto’s Code Enforcement Department would like to  remind residents that all garbage must be placed in a  plasƟc refuse bag  for garbage pick up. This picture  shows some garbage in bags and some loose garbage in  the container.  All garbage must be bagged to avoid  having loose garbage scaƩered when the containers are  being empƟed into the truck.  ResidenƟal customers  shall uƟlize a plasƟc refuse bag that is designed and sold 

to be bagged for removal.   Habitual offenders of the  Garbage, Trash and Refuse  Ordinance will be fined.    Trash and recycling bags are  available for purchase at the  UƟlity Billing window in City  Hall.  Trash bags are $9.56 for a roll of 50 and recycle  bags are $4.76 for a  roll of 50 bags.  

For more  informaƟon on the Garbage, Trash and Refuse  Ordinance, please go to .  

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