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A dental practice is only as good as the experience it creates for its patients. You could be the most talented dentist in the world, but if you focus only on skill, you’re missing the full picture. Dentistry isn’t just about filling cavities. It’s about making patients feel comfortable, listened to, and cared for. At Gardens Dental Care, every member of our team takes pride in creating the best possible experience for our patients. From welcoming you to the practice like an old friend to offering you some headphones to make your time in the chair a little more relaxing, we take every measure we can to ensure that making a trip to the dentist doesn’t feel like pulling teeth — even if that’s exactly what’s happening. I’m under no illusions about how many people feel about the dentist. It’s never going to be like going to Disney World, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put in the effort to make it as enjoyable as it can be. Many people feel anxious about the dentist. Instead of ignoring these fears, we want to acknowledge them and use the information to build a better experience. As we near the grand opening of our expansion, including the new surgical suite, we’re proud to be able to offer sedation dentistry. We’ve always offered the option of nitrous oxide, and now we’re increasing our suite of sedation options. I’m one of the few dentists in our area to be certified in conscious sedation. This method involves giving the patient some medication to make their experience less stressful. They’ll still be alert and able to respond to commands and answer questions, but they’ll be much more relaxed. In some cases, they may not even remember sitting in the chair at all. For more intensive procedures, we’ll also be offering deep sedation. This type of sedation will be limited to intensive procedures that would normally require multiple visits. It will be administered by a dental anesthesiologist. Most patients will never need deep sedation, but we will offer it for the cases in which it is optimal. Our goal in offering sedation dentistry is to encourage people who would otherwise avoid the dentist to come in, worry-free. Anxiety shouldn’t keep anyone from receiving the benefits of oral care. When people realize there are ways to make the dental experience less stressful, they are more likely to get the great treatment everyone deserves. Education is another useful tool for alleviating the anxiety that comes from not understanding what your dentist or hygienist is doing. We explain our procedures to patients in order to demystify them. The more a patient knows about the procedure they’re receiving, the less nervous they feel. That said, we know these methods aren’t enough to put everyone totally at ease. That’s why I’m so excited to be able to offer the latest and safest sedation methods to our patients, old and new. –Dr. David Yates Dentistry Isn’t Just About Skill It’s About Caring for People

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