REC Foundation RAD Aerial Drones Case Study

Students participating in RAD Competitions experience hands on STEM learning through building and programming a drone that develops the technical skills needed for the future workforce. THE RAD EXPERIENCE

Reaching new heights with REC Foundation Aerial Drones CASE STUDY

Note: The Covid 19 outbreak in March 2020 impacted our first RAD Season. Our commitment to the health and safety of all participants along with state and local guidelines resulted in cancellation of multiple RAD events. 1500-2000 students participated in RAD Pilot Season



The in person Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation Aerial Drone (RAD) Competition, in partnership with For the Win Robotics, offers middle and high school students an opportunity to learn to safely operate a drone and work together as a team. Experience an educational drone sporting RAD Competition Event

to see the dedication, innovation, and excitement unfold among students who are reaching new heights and leveraging real- world skills to amplify their futures. RAD Competition events also qualify teams for a spot at the RAD World Championship, hosted as part of the VEX Robotics World Championship.


•  Most exciting 90 seconds in Aerial Sports! • Head-to-Head • Autonomous and Driver Skills

“The students were so excited. Within minutes, the entire class was taking turns flying the RAD course; laughing, working together, and planning how to communicate in new ways. The RAD event attracted some new students that had not engaged in our other STEM activities. The challenge of flying at distance, communicating with their teammate, and fast paced game was very attractive to them.” Philip Leete, QUARKMINE LLC


• Beginner to Advance • Global Competition

Engineering • Build your own or Ready-to-fly • 3D Printing/CAD • Hands-on Project-Based Learning •  Understanding motors, electronics and PCBs Programming • Multiple Coding Platforms • Block-Based, Javascript, Python, • MATLAB, and more • Integration with other platforms

374 Total Teams 252 HS &122 MS

50 Events

50+ Scrimmages

With RAD, we are able to teach our students how drones are built, how they work, how they can be programmed, and students are then able to figure out how they’re able to use them for positive change. On top of that, of course, is the competition aspect. The students enjoy working together as a team in order to succeed. We look forward to our future involvement in RAD, as well as what it will evolve to become in the coming years. Thank you!” Edwin Mendija, Lead Instructor, Molokai High School, HI

Discover the ultimate excitement of real world aerial sports with RAD. www.


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