City Lights April

Please take note of these special  instrucƟons for the Document Shredding  and E‐Recycling Event on April 8, 2017.  Document Shredding  Documents can be brought to the  DeSoto Service Center located at 809 W.  Spinner Road for shredding on Saturday,  April 8, 2017,  from 9 am to 12 pm, or  unƟl the trucks are full.   There will be a  mobile document shredding unit on‐site  to shred your personal household  documents at no cost.   (Commercial  documents will not be accepted.)   You  must follow the special instrucƟons  below.   Place all documents in file boxes   Do not bring documents loose in  bags; they must be placed in boxes  ready for shredding   Do not tape the lid on top of the file  boxes   You will be able to watch your  documents being shredded   No more than 5 boxes per resident Boxes will be returned to residents for  recycling.  Once the event is over, any  documents leŌ at the locaƟon  unaƩended or shredded with be  considered illegally dumped.   IF RAIN  OCCURS DURING THE EVENT, THE  COLLECTION SITE WILL BE CLOSED FOR  SAFETY REASONS. ELECTRONICS WASTE COLLECTION The e‐recycling event will also take  place at the DeSoto Service Center  located at 809 W. Spinner Road on  Saturday, April 8, 2017,  from 9 am to 12  pm, or unƟl the trailer is full.  All Items  are collected FREE of charge!  Accepted Items Include : Computers, Hard Drives, Speakers,  Monitors, Mice, Gaming Systems,  Webcams, Cords & Cables, Keyboards,  Servers, Printers, Cell Phones, Ink &  Toner, PDA’s and Scanners.  TV’s will not  be accepted.    If you have any quesƟons, please call the  AcƟon Center at 972.230.9600.  3 

Municipal Election Update

The DeSoto City Council approved an Ordinance at their March 7, 2017 meeƟng to  accept the CerƟficaƟon of Unopposed candidates and declared unopposed  candidates for Councilmember Place 2, Virgil Helm and Councilmember Place 4,  Rachel Proctor elected to office.  As a result, the municipal elecƟon called for May 6,  2017 will be canceled.  If you have any quesƟons, please contact the City Secretary’s  office at 972.230.9646. 

DeSoto ISD will hold a Board of Trustees elecƟon on May 6, 2017.  For more  informaƟon, please contact DeSoto ISD AdministraƟon at 972.223.6666.

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