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M y many years of studying and working with company CEOs and founders of firms in the AEC business has led me to the conclusion that the most effective organizational leaders have an ability to know what to change and what not to. This is the key to long-term organizational survival and prosperity. There are steps you can take that will make it more likely your company will adapt to change successfully over time. Knowing what to change and what not to

Mark Zweig

Every organization has to change and evolve over time. After all, the world is changing. So are the people in the organization. Sometimes the individuals in charge of an area leave and are replaced. And hopefully the people who stay in roles are evolving themselves. So not only is the external environment changing, but the internal environment is changing as well. Nothing is static. We all can probably agree that people resist change. That’s not entirely unfounded. Not only can necessary change be difficult to deal with, the fact is, not all change is good. Sometimes there are core strategies that are enduring and that make the company successful. The job of the leader is to figure out what change is necessary and good, and what change will cost the company in a negative way. How do you do that? Here are my thoughts: 1. You need to really know your people and

understand their strengths and weaknesses and hopes for the future. This takes approachable management that is actively involved in running the business. It also takes managers who are actually interested in the people who work in the organization and don’t see them as replaceable cogs in a machine. Knowing your people and what their aspirations are is essential to knowing what can change and what needs to remain the same. 2. You need to know your clients and the businesses they are in. Again – active management that is still involved with projects is crucial – along with the right organization structure (client- or client type-specialized standing teams). It also helps to have ongoing research efforts to keep informed with what is

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