Marathon PT-October is Physical Therapy Month

Marathon Monthly October 2017 Physical Therapy

“Physical therapy means that patients are able to live a healthy and fulfilled life.” - Vance

“I love that I am a part of the patient’s well being in order to achieve their optimal health.” -Farah

“For people who are hindered by functional limitations, physical therapy is an opportunity for successful habilitation and rehabilitation in improving one’s health to aid in fulfilling one’s purpose.” -Shajan

“The betterment and healing of my fellow people and to help my community to move people away from discomfort and to maximize their potential.” -Andrew “Working in a such environment where you witness patients on their road to recovery and putting their trust in the therapists and staff is something you cannot take for granted and inspires us to be better and work harder.” -Russ

“Physical therapy can make patients healthier and stronger . It helps patients get better and become more confident.” -Sachi

What Physical Therapy Means to the Staff At Marathon Physical Therapy...

“Giving people the necessary treatment, guidance and motivation to overcome physical impairments.” -Joe G.

“Helping patients as they overcome their hurdles and begin their journey to a pain free life.” -Kayla

“The opportunity to help others live a pain free life and make the world a happier place one person or injury at a time.” - Joe B.

“Physical therapy to me is caring for a stranger and making

them feel like.” family - Chris

“Through the variety of injuries and pain, I am able to motivate and help patients gain their confidence and become pain free.” -Kevin

“Physical therapy is geared towards helping patients not only heal physically, but also build and gain a strong sense of confidence in the process.” -Jacob

“The satisfaction of knowing I was able to make a difference in someone’s life no matter how small or large.” -Christie

“Healing through the use of our Hands and our Hearts.” -Negin

October is National Physical Therapy Month!

National PhysicalTherapy Month is a commemoration held each October by our governing body-- the American Physical Therapy Association. It greatly reminds us that we have a duty to inform our community about the good that physical therapy can do and all the bad that it can prevent. An ALARMING STUDY published in The Spine Journal showed that ONLY 7% of persons with lower back pain who went to their primary care physician for help were recommended to go to physical therapy for relief.That means 93% of people who have lower back pain never make it to physical therapy for relief.This was shocking to me especially since lower back pain is listed as #2 on World Disability Index and the 3rd

biggest expense for insurance companies in the United States behind Cancer and Heart Disease costs. Wow! Shocking! My take home from all of this is that conservative and non-invasive care is greatly underused when we need it. Our #1 mission at Marathon Physical Therapy is to help others in need so please pass our message along to your friends and family who may be suffering with lower back pain that help is out there. Please encourage them to call us for a consultation so that we can guide them to the care they need and deserve. Thank you. -Negin Jalayer

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