Volume one, number nirle. Shakin' St ntourns a death in the Fan1ily (It's only a movie: Gone With the Wind) IT'S ONLY A MOVIE Family (United Artists) . T.V. screen magazine, that you can't touch or feel. This is what Family has left · us. rinky-dink piano work compliments of Tony ·Ashton, and a swing band style saxophone solo. ·

But we've heard all this before. Or have we? As Roger Chapman blurts out "Two evils can never make one right, Be sure one evil has already been done," in a

Well, its finally happened and don't say you hadn't been warned. With the completion of their latest album, Family have split up, due to the fact that after

Family are to have us believe that the rock world is as bastardized with unreal celebrities as was hollywood thirty years ago. They present us with a concept, but are we being presumptious in believing it 7 Take tv.o is called "Leroy," lyrically

producing many · very good albums; setting the pace and style for many of their brethren english bands; and existing as an innovational entity within themselves; they had yet to reach the levels of success and popularity that they so richly deserved. They had done it all, and yet too many people _had uttered, "Who the hell are they?" true, Family are gone now, and the real effects of their departure have yet to be felt. It's like they're not really gone yet, the memory of them is something like remembering a movie, the emotions and nostalgic chords forcing their way into your mind, making you . Yes, it's

another cliched re-run, given musical scope by a country/western melody complete with harmonica ,and some steady finger pickin' by Charlie Whitney, another Family mainstay. "The chick that he;d choose,"would have dollars to lose... " We've heard this before, too. Chapman's delivery of vocal makes one feel his perspective, a rock and roll perspective towards ,the images around him. And in today's musical trends, there are many "Buffet Tea for Two, a farewell kiss for you." I climb aboard and sh,'ut that door, we're through... " a re-runs existent.

-Take a good long look at F2.mily cuz this is the last time you '11 ever see 'em

laugh and cry. Quite ' futile, however, they're only re-run plots, subliminal cuts; repetitive drum beats, re-hashed guitar riffs; cheezily produced sensory collages and "It's only a Movie." Just a movie, complete with all too real celluloid characters, stick men and women, boogiing insanely. Glamour. glitter and

sweet, sweet vocal delivered by Chapman in his own razor blade style, some excellent percussion by Rob Townsend, and on this track we have a folk rocker of sorts. As it is paradoxical that Chapman here eulogizes the happy wanderer, it is also quite extra-ordinary that "Buffet Tea

raspy half spoken, half sung manner, it seems !as if Chapman obliterates every thbught he conceives as the chorus line "It's only a movie, it's only a show," takes our minds as mesmerized prey. A perversified, electrical tango of sorts, complete with chincy drama achieved by

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