Cathedral School for Boys Viewbook

Why Uniforms? Our uniforms signify equity, purpose, tradition, and belonging. Boys arrive at Cathedral in the morning dressed ready to learn and be held to a higher standard. To be a Cathedral boy is to wear a Cathedral uniform.



We believe that to thrive in a diverse environment, every member of our community must experience an enduring state of belonging and feel that their voices and actions matter. When all boys dress alike, displays of socioeconomic status are diminished, and boys’ sense of belonging is bolstered. This is a choice grounded in Cathedral values.

When we ask boys to dress with intention for their school day, they learn respect for themselves and their schoolwork. Today’s Cathedral students wear nearly the same uniform that their predecessors wore over sixty years ago when the School was founded. While we’re not a traditional school, we’re a school with traditions.

We are each responsible for creating a community where everyone belongs.

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