Cathedral School for Boys Viewbook

At Cathedral School for Boys, we believe we must continue to define what it means to educate and raise boys. We devote each day to the spirited dialogue, dynamic lessons, and intentional character building that guide each young boy to engage in the way that best fits him, while he simultaneously develops respect and empathy for the world around him. Because Cathedral is here to raise the bar on raising boys .



As the parent of two Cathedral students, I know that raising boys is a journey, and families need a school that can navigate that journey alongside them. Cathedral School for Boys has been my partner in raising thoughtful, empathetic, and ethical boys who are inspired, curious, and eager to make their mark on the world. Cathedral teaches boys to look out for others, speak up when they see something is amiss, and step up with moral courage. Cathedral cares as much about the content of their character as their education. Now, more than ever, the school is committed to teaching boys to think deeply about the things that matter. I invite you to learn more about Cathedral today!


Joining the Cathedral community means joining a village of families and educators equally committed to raising boys of good character.


Tara Boland Director of Admission

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