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JUNE 2019


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One of the big areas we focus on as a firm is building quality relationships with people, especially when it comes to those we are working with on cases and our referral partners. Rather than quantity, we’re much more interested in quality. In this process, we’ve gotten to know some really good people we’re lucky to call family. Someone who comes to mind immediately is Toby Cole in Houston. Toby and I met while taking trial seminars together over six years ago. During that time, we would travel the country together attending seminars. Then, we began speaking at the seminars and teaching at the trial lawyer colleges. We became close friends. About two years ago, he started his own law firm, and we immediately began working on cases together. We routinely have our unique abilities and gifts work together beautifully, and just as importantly, we flat-out enjoy each other’s company. If we’re going to spend a lot of time working on a case with someone, camaraderie is a pretty important factor, and we thrive off of working with Toby. In February, Ashley, Toby, and I attended a seminar in Miami, and one of the coolest things we did, besides working and learning together, was eat all our meals together. During that time, we got to know one another well. We talked about life, work, our families, and our passions. In the process of breaking bread and talking, we strengthened our relationship with Toby. We’re so grateful we get to collaborate with him and can each bring our best to the table to complement one another’s work. It’s been pretty cool to watch this relationship grow over the years. Another relationship that has blossomed is with Scott Snellings in DFW. Scott started his own law firm a couple of years ago. One day early on, we got introduced by a lawyer we both knew because Scott had a case where a child was neglected at a day care. When he referred us the case, we immediately hit it off. I took him to a Persian restaurant and we ended up eating and talking for over three hours. Since then, we have co-counseled on several cases. In fact, over Christmas, Ashley, Calvin (Ashley’s husband), and I joined Scott at a big community event in DFW, and we had a really great time getting to know him and his wife, Sara. Now I can say we are truly friends. We get together as a family, including cookouts at his house. Building Quality Relationships

It’s a joy living and working in the same community as people like Scott and Toby. They’re prime examples of how relationship building is at the forefront of our priorities as a firm. It extends to our clients, too. We’re selective about who we take on because we want to make sure we can best serve the people we represent. Our intention is always to provide quality over serving a large quantity. Even at events like our day care seminar, I’d much rather speak to 20 or 30 people and get to know each of them as opposed to briefly meeting 100 or 300 people. When I think about this emphasis on relationships, there’s one person I ultimately have to thank for teaching me its importance early on: my dad. He built his company on people he trusts and who trust him, and he takes really good care of his team. Across the board, he’s always been focused on emphasizing relationships, and over the years, I’ve seen what they mean to him. You get out of a relationship what you put in. With the best relationships, collaboration is the source of ultimate productivity. Even as our firm changes and grows, I can tell you one thing I know: Quality relationships mean everything. Thank you to our friends and family, Toby and Scott, and thank you, Dad, for teaching me this lesson early in life. It’s meant everything. Happy Father’s Day, –Russell Button




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