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perspective and from a network management perspective.” Sjoberg cites PagerDuty for general network monitoring and providing a single place to view the overall health of systems and operations. In addition, Elasticsearch - an open source, full-text search and analysis engine - is used within ELK stacks, and Packetbeat provides insight into how traffic is flowing through networks, he says. “Tools such as these are available to gain observability and secure the environment, ensuring high levels of performance,” said Sjoberg. As the demands on network management evolve, it appears that the industry is incrementally meeting any challenges.

It allows service providers to look at trends, take in multiple data sources and then use machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine likely future events or issues. “This means they can fix potential issues around network capacity, for instance, before customer service is affected - leading to increased customer satisfaction and the reduction in any SLA penalties,” he added. Gustav Sjoberg, head of network operations at digital infrastructure deployment and management specialist VX Fiber, says, “Our senior network engineers and NOC engineers are able to manage multiple full-scale networks with relative ease thanks to automation in various forms, both from a monitoring

or is it still pie in the sky for still too many organisations? EXFO’s Te Niet says service providers are adopting automation to ensure SLAs. He says, “Correlating service-affecting issues to determine which layer has the problem reduces MTTR (mean time to repair) times significantly. Automating anomaly detection allows the service provider to achieve this goal. By correlating different data sources automatically - such as the fibre monitoring, OLT, ONU, L2 and/or L3 service - service providers can quickly find the service-impacting issue and then dispatch to fix, rather than dispatch to find the problem,” said Te Niet. He said predictive analysis is key to preventing customer-impacting issues.

Wim te Niet EMEA Vice President Sales EXFO

Guillaume Crenn Optical Transport Product Line Manager, Ekinops

Jonathan Homa Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing, Ribbon

Scott Larrigan Product Marketing Manager Optical Networks, Nokia

Gustav Sjoberg Head of Network Operations VX Fiber

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