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Axetris Micro-Lenses For Communication Devices

High speed data centers as well as the transition for the next generation 5G network require the deployment of ever-increasing numbers

Coherent - ICRs, ACOs, Modulators, μITLAs and WSS as well as Silicon Photonics (SIP) and PICs. Due to the high refractive index of silicon, Axetris’ micro-lenses are ideal for highly efficient coupling for 100G/400G/800G and beyond. Customers benefit from precise lens profile and pitch control, high surface quality for high coupling efficiency, ultra-compact size for high integration and cost-effective wafer level manufacturing.

of transceivers. Heart of each transceiver is the transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) in combination with the receiver optical

subassembly (ROSA). Both are realizing the interface between electrical and optical signal transmission. With its micro-optic lenses in silicon and fused silica Axetris is already a part of this huge network of data transfer. Micro-Optics are used in a variety of telecom applications for fiber coupling and collimation, single-lens and lens-arrays in TOSAs & ROSAs,

Axetris micro-lenses are ideal for TOSA/ROSA modules.

About Axetris Axetris serves OEM customers worldwide with micro technology based (MEMS processes) micro- optical components used in

MEMS technologies gas sensing solution such as infrared light sources, laser gas sensors, mass flow meters & controllers.

telecom, industrial, medical, consumer electronics and automotive applications. Axetris also offers based on the same

World-Wide Offerings From Auxora

Ciena WaveLogic™ 5 Nano Coherent Transceivers

Trusted WaveLogic Technology, Now in Pluggable form. Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Nano (WL5n) standards-based and extended reach 100G – 400G pluggable transceivers incorporate Ciena’s advanced coherent optical Transceiver- on-Chip technology to deliver footprint-optimized, 100G - 400G interconnect for next- generation access, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and metro- regional networks. Ciena is uniquely positioned to deliver this new generation

competencies and technology ownership combined with understanding of the requirements for real-world networks. From ensuring compatibility with photonic line systems and mitigation of optical impairments for extended reach to definition of line interoperability specifications and embedded networking features, our leadership in coherent optical technology extends to WaveLogic 5 Nano 100G-400G pluggables with all of the features and performance

Since 2000, Auxora has been a leader in passive optical solutions, serving Tier-1 customers globally in various markets; data centers, telecom/datacom, CATV, Bio-Photonics, high power laser mirrors, and advanced

optics for automobiles. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer of optical thin film filter coatings, optical components and modules. Founded in Los Angeles, Auxora moved assembly and production to Shenzhen, China in 2003.In 2020, Auxora was acquired by Suzhou TFC Optical Communications. From its inception, Auxora developed comprehensive technical platforms and processes - optical filter coating designs, manufacturing processes, post-coating pre- process treatment of the optical

glass, micro-optical simulation and beam tracing, free-space high-density fabrication (design, alignment, assembly), auto and semi-auto component assembly and testing, high-precision mechanical design and stress analysis. Using these technologies, Auxora offers optical solutions world-wide: • Coating. • Filters. • Prisms, precision optical parts. • Passive optical components for active transceivers. • Passive optical devices, modules. • Optical interconnection cables.

needed to support a wide range of new networking

of coherent pluggable products based on our advanced design

applications. To learn more, visit wavelogic/optical- microsystems/


| ISSUE 25 | Q3 2021

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