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Rancent Technologies - Delivering High-Performing and Cost-Effective Fiber Connectivity Solutions

Rancent Industrial Grade PoE/PoE+Managed Ethernet Switches are equipped with up to 24x 10/100Mor 10/100/1000MRJ45 ports with PoE+ (30w) capabilities and 4x 100M/1000M SFP fiber ports that extend existing networks over multimode or single mode fibers. Many applications require power from the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) device be supplied

For over 18 years, Rancent has been trusted to deliver superior communication and CCTV solutions to global customers based on innovative and advanced optical fiber and IP technology. Rancent’s connectivity product line consists of both analog and HD analog video transmission products

through the Ethernet cables including those

for traditional CCTV applications as well as a broad range of fiber optic Ethernet

where Electrical-to-Optical Ethernet Switches are being used to extend distances. Rancent Technologies is a premier and reliable supplier for high-quality and cost-effective transmission products and solutions of video, audio, data, contact closure and Ethernet for most mission critical applications.

developing a complete series of HD analog and IP video surveillance products including cameras, PTZs and NVRs oriented for most cost and effective video security applications. For more information about our company and products, please visit or send us email via

commercial and industrial media converters as well as network switches ranging from fast to gigabit Ethernet designed to transmit IP cameras and PTZs in simple video security links or sophisticated CCTV networks. In addition, we cater for ever-growing market demands of analog to IP migration by

transmission products for IP surveillance. The traditional solution is focused on the standard or tailored point-to- point fiber optic transmission of video, audio, data and contact closure over multimode or single mode fiber. And Rancent Ethernet network solutions cover a full range of

Datolink, A Stable and Trustworthy Partner

Zhantong’s Fibre Enclosure The closure adopts mechanical and heat

shrinkable sealing in one oval shaped structure, with adequate port entrances in the base. The oval entrance is used for the sealing of uncut straight-through fiber cable, the small ports are used for branch fiber cable and drop cable. By adopting engineering PP plastic with high-strength, the closure has longer life time and excellent sealing performance. It more splitter trays can be installed as well as 1:8 blockless or bare PLC Splitters. There are different drop cable elements available with a maximum of 32 pcs drop cable input/ outputs. The patented sealing structure keeps good sealing performance after re-entry and re- use, and could save the installation time and

Shenzhen Datolink Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high technology oriented company with fiber optical passive components and equipment located in Shenzhen, China. Our main products are fiber optic patch cords, break out cables, trunk cable patch cord, pre-connectorized pigtails, PLC splitter and fast connectors.

We are dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of fiber optics, we have got CE/ROHS certificates and our products have been exported world-wide with a high reputation. With 10 years of manufacturing, we can offer customers fast delivery, good quality, plus OEM/ODM services are available. Datolink can be your trusted and stable partner in China.

improve work efficiency. Suitable for bunchy fibers, aerial, underground and wall-mounting, hand hole- mounting is also available, and is especially applicable to FTTH optical fiber distribution. Ningbo Zhantong Telecom Equipment Co Ltd


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