3116 W Lake St 414 - Digital Brochure $325,000

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3116 W Lake Street


MN 55416


271. Property located at

272. (11) Have you ever been contacted or received any information from any governmental authority pertaining 273. to possible or actual environmental contamination affecting the property? Yes No 274. (12) Are you aware if there are currently, or have previously been, any orders issued on the 275. property by any governmental authority ordering the remediation of a public 276. health nuisance on the property? Yes No 277. If answer above is “Yes,” Seller certifies that all orders HAVE HAVE NOT been vacated. ------------- (Check one.) --------------- 278. (13) Please provide clarification or further explanation for all applicable “Yes” responses in Section L. 281. M. RADON DISCLOSURE: (The following Seller disclosure satisfies MN Statute 144.496.) 282. RADON WARNING STATEMENT: The Minnesota Department of Health strongly recommends that ALL 283. homebuyers have an indoor radon test performed prior to purchase or taking occupancy, and recommends having 284. the radon levels mitigated if elevated radon concentrations are found. Elevated radon concentrations can easily 285. be reduced by a qualified, certified, or licensed, if applicable, radon mitigator. 286. Every buyer of any interest in residential real property is notified that the property may present exposure to 287. dangerous levels of indoor radon gas that may place occupants at risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer. 288. Radon, a Class A human carcinogen, is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and the second leading 289. cause overall. The seller of any interest in residential real property is required to provide the buyer with any 290. information on radon test results of the dwelling. 291. RADON IN REAL ESTATE: By signing this Statement, Buyer hereby acknowledges receipt of the Minnesota 292. Department of Health’s publication entitled Radon in Real Estate Transactions , which is attached hereto and 293. can be found at www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/indoorair/radon/rnrealestateweb.pdf. 294. A seller who fails to disclose the information required under MN Statute 144.496, and is aware of material facts 295. pertaining to radon concentrations in the property, is liable to the Buyer. A buyer who is injured by a violation of MN 296. Statute 144.496 may bring a civil action and recover damages and receive other equitable relief as determined by 297. the court. Any such action must be commenced within two years after the date on which the buyer closed the 298. purchase or transfer of the real property. 299. SELLER’S REPRESENTATIONS: The following are representations made by Seller to the extent of Seller’s actual 300. knowledge. 301. (a) Radon test(s) HAVE HAVE NOT occurred on the property. ------------- (Check one.) ---------------- 302. (b) Describe any known radon concentrations, mitigation, or remediation. NOTE: Seller shall attach the most 303. current records and reports pertaining to radon concentration within the dwelling: ✘ ✘ ✘ 279. 280.

304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311.

IS IS NOT a radon mitigation system currently installed on the property. ------- (Check one.) --------

(c) There

If “ IS ,” Seller shall disclose, if known, information regarding the radon mitigation system, including system

description and documentation.

EXCEPTIONS: See Section R for exceptions to this disclosure requirement.

MN:DS:SPDS-7 (8/16)

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