3116 W Lake St 414 - Digital Brochure $325,000

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3116 W Lake Street


MN 55416

314. Property located at . 315. N. NOTICES/OTHER DEFECTS/MATERIAL FACTS: The following questions are to be answered to the best of 316. Seller’s knowledge. 317. Notices: Seller HAS HAS NOT received a notice regarding any proposed improvement project from any ----------- (Check one.) -------------- 318. assessing authorities, the costs of which project may be assessed against the property. If “HAS,” please attach 319. and/or explain : 320. 321. Other Defects/Material Facts: Are there any other material facts that could adversely and significantly affect an 322. ordinary buyer’s use or enjoyment of the property or any intended use of the property? Yes No 323. If “Yes,” explain: 324. 325. O. WATER INTRUSION AND MOLD GROWTH: Studies have shown that various forms of water intrusion affect 326. many homes.Water intrusion may occur from exterior moisture entering the home and/or interior moisture leaving 327. the home. 328. Examples of exterior moisture sources may be: 329. • improper flashing around windows and doors, 330. • improper grading, 331. • flooding, 332. • roof leaks. 333. Examples of interior moisture sources may be: 334. • plumbing leaks, 335. • condensation (caused by indoor humidity that is too high or surfaces that are too cold), 336. • overflow from tubs, sinks, or toilets, 337. • firewood stored indoors, 338. • humidifier use, 339. • inadequate venting of kitchen and bath humidity, 340. • improper venting of clothes dryer exhaust outdoors (including electrical dryers), 341. • line-drying laundry indoors, 342. • houseplants—watering them can generate large amounts of moisture. 343. In addition to the possible structural damage water intrusion may do to the property, water intrusion may also result 344. in the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungi. Mold growth may also cause structural damage to the property. 345. Therefore, it is very important to detect and remediate water intrusion problems. 346. Fungi are present everywhere in our environment, both indoors and outdoors. Many molds are beneficial to 347. humans. However, molds have the ability to produce mycotoxins that may have a potential to cause serious health 348. problems, particularly in some immunocompromised individuals and people who have asthma or allergies to 349. mold. 350. To complicate matters, mold growth is often difficult to detect, as it frequently grows within the wall structure. If you 351. have a concern about water intrusion or the resultingmold/mildew/fungi growth, youmay want to consider having the 352. property inspected for moisture problems before entering into a purchase agreement or as a condition of your 353. purchase agreement. Such an analysis is particularly advisable if you observe staining or musty odors on the 354. property. 355. P. NOTICE REGARDING PREDATORY OFFENDER INFORMATION: Information regarding the predatory 356. offender registry and persons registered with the predatory offender registry under MN Statue 243.166 357. may be obtained by contacting the local law enforcement offices in the community where the property 358. is located or the Minnesota Department of Corrections at (651) 361-7200, or from the Department of 359. Corrections web site at www.corr.state.mn.us. MN:DS:SPDS-8 (8/16) ✘ ✘

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