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MAR 2018



have their own language of signals and sounds, and even as I was just picking up English, I could still catch a ball with ease and hit a baseball with my friends. Although I don’t play as much anymore, many of the skills I learned from baseball have stayed with me. My favorite part of the game has always been the strategy. Being the fastest or most powerful person doesn’t always guarantee you a win. The most strategic players are the ones who master the game. To use strategy in baseball, you have to maximize your strengths and complement your weaknesses alongside your team. For example, because I wasn’t the tallest or most powerful player, I had to learn to be more consistent. Other members of my team who were more powerful took on different roles to make the most of their skills. Even now, I find elements of baseball strategy helping me. It translates into every part of life. Just now, it helps me with law. Members of our firm learn how to assist one other in areas where we’re not as strong. This is true among all our staff, especially with Keren and me. Keren is more of a realist, and I’m more idealistic, so we complement each other with these characteristics. Sometimes, my ideas can get pretty up in the clouds, and Keren helps bring me back to Earth. She’s very good at working with people in stressful situations, and watching how she does it helps me handle tough circumstances better.


Similar to kids growing up in America, spring means one thing for children in Venezuela: baseball season. It was a great motivation to get schoolwork done. My parents taught me discipline that way. If I didn’t do well in school, I couldn’t play baseball. I’d race through my homework so I could go outside and throw the ball around. When we moved to the United States, a lot changed. The weather was different and so was the language. Learning English was just part of the culture shock. Not long after we moved, a huge blizzard went through Georgia. After living the first six years of my life in a tropical climate, it was a surprise to see my breath outside when I exhaled. Despite struggling for a while with these changes, my love for baseball remained. It was early spring when we moved, and I quickly found a group of kids at school who were as enthusiastic about the sport as I was. Sports FIND YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS

I don’t think I’ll have time to play much baseball this spring, but you can bet I’ll use some of the strategies I’ve learned over the years in my work.

Inside the newsletter, we have a few articles to help you find your own strategy. We know there are a lot of transitions going on right now in our nation. We want to help keep you informed. That’s also why we post regular Facebook Live videos in Spanish and English about local and national concerns, from immigration to personal injury. Check out our channel at

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–Jorge Virgüez

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