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•Wear andTear on the Joints - Overmanyyears the neck area of the spine can produce gaps, bone spurs, and other abnormalities that can cause pain. Tissues in the spine can also become brittle and less elastic, contributing to painful neck conditions. • Injuries - Neck injuries, such aswhiplash, mayalso cause neck pain. When whiplash occurs, there is usually injury to the muscles and the connecting tissues. This can often limit mobility and increase tension in the neck. How Physical Therapy Can Help Neck pain, including tension headaches, can be reduced and even eliminated with physical therapy. A physical therapist can target the source of your pain and provide awide range of treatment options.Therapists can provide different exercises that can relax your neck muscles and increase flexibility. They can teach you exercises to do at home to keep your neck loose, limber, and pain-free. Since this type of pain is often caused by certain types of activity, changing your routine can also limit the stress to your neck. Aphysical therapist can help you learn how to holdyourhead in differentways thatwon’t lead to chronic pain. Contact our office to find out how physical therapy can ease your neck pain.

A tension headache is stress-related neck pain that often starts near the base of the shoulders and moves upward. According to theMayo Clinic, there are several symptoms related to this condition. • Muscle spasms and increased tightness • Difficulty moving your head • Increased pain when holding your head in specific positions • Headaches What Causes this Condition? Even though stress is often the root cause of neck pain, there are other factors that canmake itworse. According to the U.S. National LibraryofMedicine, the following can contribute to neck pain. • OverusedMuscles -This is due to holding the head in the same position for long periods of time. This could include holding your head in a particular position while working at the computer, leaning over a desk, or engaging in any number of activities.

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