Building an Entrepreneurial UWI

SPECIAL REPORT Building an Entrepreneurial University

Economic strictures, fuelled mainly by global recession, have led The UWI to develop alternative models to positively transform the Caribbean. This is in line with The UWI’s mandate of serving this region and helping it develop a robust and sustainable economy over the past seven decades. One mechanism is to turn the excellence of The UWI’s research into commercial commodities for the long-term benefit of this regional institution and the nations that support it—in other words, by building an Entrepreneurial University.

The Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.), an innovation out of the Steel Pan Research Laboratory at the St. Augustine Campus.


The University’s vision for the Caribbean is holistic. It moves beyond providing education and conducting research to engaging in innovation and entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal is a robust and sustainable Caribbean economy. History shows that innovation is a key driver of social and economic growth. The UWI has therefore taken on a leadership role to promote innovation and entrepreneurship Caribbean wide by providing new revenue streams to the University; imbuing graduates with the skills and passion to start businesses; promoting economic growth in the region, thereby reducing unemployment; and assisting in creating knowledge economies in the region.

Medical students at work with the Mona Campus’ Cardiac Simulator innovation.


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