Building an Entrepreneurial UWI

SPECIAL REPORT Building an Entrepreneurial University


Talks about the Entrepreneurship Unit at St. Augustine

JulianHenry is the ProgrammeManager, EntrepreneurshipUnit in the Department ofManagement Studies

Q: How do the Entrepreneurship Unit and UWI Ventures work together? A: The Entrepreneurship Unit (EU) provides operationalisation support to UWI Ventures by enabling the incubation process and serving as a hands-on coach and advisor for developing entrepreneurs and innovators. In this incubation period, EU coaches clients and refines early entrepreneurial ideas and business plans to professional quality and readiness for onward presenting to UWI ventures for equity investment. This is a stepped process that includes collaboration with other key entities within The UWI ecosystem, such as StACIE. To be effective, it is critical to utilise advanced incubation management software that both facilitates virtual coaching as well as efficient collaboration among the key internal and external entities that must work together to deliver successful start-up projects. UWI Ventures, supported by the EU, is establishing an online, virtual environment for entrepreneurs and innovators to gain 24/7 access its business development services. Q: Tell me a bit more about the EU. A: The EU is an initiative of the Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and its primary purpose is to work with all UWI innovators and entrepreneurs, across the Campus, to develop viable start-ups. In doing so, EU liaises, where required, with key campus stakeholders, especially UWI Ventures and StACIE towards providing critical resources to support project development.. Further, the EU is an available resource to Faculty Entrepreneurship Chairs, supporting their respective faculty entrepreneurship programmes and reporting to UWI Ventures on exciting projects that could benefit from UWI Ventures engagement.


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