Building an Entrepreneurial UWI

SPECIAL REPORT Building an Entrepreneurial University

Business Incubator Cave Hill’s Business Incubator space is part of the Campus’s ‘Smart Campus initiative’. The Smart Campus concept reflects Cave Hill’s reorientation in the delivery of higher education goods and services in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Cave Hill’s partnership with Suzhou China’s Global Institute of Software Technology has led to a state-of-the art facility—3 computer laboratories, 3 business incubator spaces, a 75-seat lecture theatre, office spaces, meeting rooms, and more—for its BSc Software Engineering programme. Graduates of this programme are also expected to take advantage of the space to start new businesses. Green Technology Cave Hill Campus has signed a Memorandum of Agreement to collaborate on a Global Environmental Facility funded project, ‘ Strategic Platform to Promote Sustainable Energy Technology Innovation, Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship in Barbados ’. The Green Technology Cluster is part of a Barbados Investment and Development Corporation / United Nations Industrial Development Organisation/ Ministry of International Business and Industry/ Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy Efficiency initiative. By signing the agreement, the Cave Hill Campus has been established as a Green Technology Cluster Partner. The project’s focus is on creating shared prosperity, advancing economic competitiveness, safeguarding the environment, strengthening knowledge and institutions, and using cross-cutting services to advance global and regional development. A presentation introduced the initiative to recent graduates, students, and faculty who may own or plan to start a company as well as those who are interested in full time work or internships.

One of the ‘smart classrooms’ at The UWI Cave Hill Campus.

The historic Mutual Building in Bridgetown, Barbados converted to Cave Hill’s new state-of-the art facility.


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