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Character: Sam Dawson CEO and co-owner of Pape-Dawson Engineers (San Antonio, TX), the largest civil engineering firm headquartered and exclusively located in Texas.


D awson is CEO and co-owner of Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc., which provides civil engineering, environmental, and surveying services for land development, transportation, and water resource projects. The firm has a reputation rooted in integrity and has effectively served clients throughout the state for more than 55 years. It leverages adaptable industry leaders, cutting-edge technology, and positive relationships with stakeholders throughout the state to provide customized solutions to meet Texas’ growing needs. “Pape-Dawson’s mission is to be the most respected engineering firm in our geographic and technical areas of practice,” Dawson says. “We believe that we will be defined more by our character than by our products of service.” A CONVERSATIONWITH SAM DAWSON. The Zweig Letter: Your website states that your “culture sets you apart.” Can you elaborate? If you were to describe the company’s culture in a fewwords, what would you say?

Sam Dawson: Pape-Dawson is relentlessly focused on being the most respected engineering company in Texas. Not the biggest. Not the richest. The most respected. Therefore, we hire and retain the best and the brightest employees with the same values to fulfill this mission. We want to be the best place to work, too. We prioritize employees and their families, and we run the business like we are a family. We provide a professionally engaging, flexible, challenging, and positive work environment with formal programs offering abundant opportunities for our employees to learn and grow as individuals, develop enriching relationships with co- workers, and give back to the community. Those programs include our Academy for Professional Excellence, the Pape- Dawson Charitable Foundation, and PD Connect, to name a few. Our unique culture is founded on excellence, hard work, responsiveness, respect, and character above all else. TZL: What excites you most about the AEC industry when you fast forward into the future – say five years? SD: The demand for infrastructure will be significant across this


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