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For the past year and a half, America has been experiencing a housing crisis. There has been a shortage of inventory caused by a lack of new construction for the past few years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these trends, causing house prices to skyrocket in many American cities. If you’re trying to buy a home in this market, you might be wondering how to put your best foot forward in all the craziness and ensure you’ve got a place to live when the dust settles. Well, while nothing is guaranteed in the current market, there are a few things you can do to ensure you find a house that you (mostly) like and can afford. GET PREAPPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE This lets sellers know that a lender has verified your finances and credit history and can attest that in your current situation, you’re able to own a home. It will make you a much more favorable potential buyer. SEARCH UNDER YOUR BUDGET While this is just a good money-saving tip in general, in a hot market, the likelihood of getting outbid by other potential buyers is high. If you start your offers low, it gives you more room to bid up on a house that you like, if you have to.

MAKE COMPELLING OFFERS BEYOND JUST A HIGHER BID Sometimes, the best offer on a house isn’t always the higher offer. Depending on the seller’s priorities, they might choose to sell to the buyer who offered a higher down payment or to close the sale earlier. Sellers might find an earlier closing especially compelling if the buyers also offer a rent-back so the sellers have time to find a new home themselves. HIRE A GOOD REAL ESTATE AGENT Real estate agents are an essential element of any successful home purchase. Their industry knowledge, negotiation skills, and network connections make them more than worth hiring when you’re just starting out your search.

Even though the market seems crazy right now, don’t worry — with the right tools and a little patience, you’ll find a home you’ll love.

The Mother-Son Duo Educating on Sleeplessness, Anxious Feelings, and More! MEET MY FRIENDS THERESA AND JUSTIN

My friend Theresa Stolfi's son, Justin, is on the autism spectrum. When Justin was a baby, he had trouble sleeping.

shampoo, conditioner, and more through their brand Empower Natural ( Theresa told me that when they started teaching classes together, it was like being part of a mother-son comedy show. Justin jumped into the lecture every few minutes with advice.

Of course, this worried Theresa, so she racked her brain to come up with something that would help. She didn’t want to give Justin medicine or take him to the doctor without trying other options. Then, her dad reminded her about an old family remedy.

Jokes aside, Theresa describes essential oils as a key part of every parent’s toolbox.

“There is so much we can do ourselves in our own homes before we go off to the doctor and go down that avenue,” she says, adding, “They’re literally pennies per drop. … Justin had a lot of ear infections, and I could take a couple drops of oil that cost less than 75 cents and put them around his ear to give him relief at 2 a.m.”

“When I talked to him, he said, ‘Just put a little peppermint oil on a rag and put it next to him in his bedroom,” she recalls.

That night, Theresa followed her dad’s instructions, and guess what? It worked! She couldn’t believe it, so she tried it the next night, and it worked again. From there, Theresa started using essential oils to ease all kinds of discomfort, including sleeplessness, anxious feelings, head tension, and tummy troubles. She and Justin (who is now 25) still use them, and so does their dog, Druddigon! As an adult, Justin pushed Theresa to sell essential oils to help other kids like him, and they went into business together. Today, they sell doTERRA oils and oil-infused products like shakes, fiber supplements, vitamins,

I’ve learned a lot about essential oils from Theresa, and she’s a great teacher! Since we’re friends, she’s offering 10 of my readers a free bottle of her Sweet Sleep oil blend. Call her at 650-409-6457 or email Theresa@EmpowerNatural. com to claim your bottle.



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