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Martyn Iles is an Australian- born lawyer, commentator, and the Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis. Previously the co-founder of a not-for-profit law firm specializing in religious freedom cases, he also led one of Australia’s largest grassroots political movements through a 5-year period of remarkable growth. Martyn became known for his many gospel-focused appearances in the Australian mainstream media and for his online programs, Living in Babylon, The Truth of It, and Truth in 10 . He teaches Scripture widely, especially especially to young people, and is known for his known for his ability to shed the light of Scripture on contemporary issues


“Who am I?” Popular culture makes this simple question very complicated. Gender, ethnicity, religion, profession, education, nationality, politics, abilities, values…. the list goes on and on for cultural identifiers that people try to use to navigate or solve an “identity” crisis. When you start with the “Who am I?” question, you find a maze of “my truths” and “their truths” where your likes and dislikes are labels for a world as confused and uncertain as you find yourself. Is there really truth? Can you find your true self? Yes, of course.

Who Am I? Many a parent, teacher, pastor, author, and musician has unwittingly given such a partial answer to the question and moved on — not realizing that they have played into the false identity worldview that is all around us. When you tell a child that they are “special,” “unique,” and “in God’s image,” they hear something akin to what the world has been telling them. They hear that they are good and their true self is good . They add it to the shopping list of things they have heard that promote the identity theory of life — it gets twisted to fit a worldly mold. Remember, this is what we are called to be, not what we are right now. This is how God made us, but a lot of time has passed since then — there is so much more that we must learn. There are more pieces of this puzzle!”

In Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism , you will explore key biblical questions and answers that empower you to comprehend the essence of your beliefs, all grounded in Scripture. Each week, experience engaging teachings and beautifully illustrated concepts that resonate across generations. • Uncover the foundation of Christianity, designed for 52 weeks of enriching study. • Learn relevant teachings, challenging QUESTIONS, and profound biblical ANSWERS that all apply to your daily life. • Perfect for families and church groups, fostering spiritual discussions and a stronger faith foundation. • Commit to this simple, yet profound, spiritual exploration designed to strengthen and encourage you.

Tailored for all ages, this modern, non-denominational catechism provides an accessible, enlightening path to a deeper connection with God.

— “old truths in new clothes.” Martyn has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland and a Master of Laws from the Australian National University. He now lives in the USA.


RELIGION/Christian Living/Spiritual Growth RELIGION/Christianity/Catechisms $24.99 U.S. ISBN-13: 978-1-68344-361-2

RELIGION/General RELIGION/Christian Theology/Apologetics $19.99 U.S. ISBN-13: 978-1-68344-370-4

Thrive (pg 16)

Foundational Truths (pg 4)

Who Am I? (pg 5)

Big Book of Math (pg 22)

Instincts by Design (pg 6)

A to Zoo (pg 24)

Language Lessons for a Living Education 7 & 9 (pg 27)

Pilgrim’s Progress (pg 28)

What a Character Series (pg 34)

Climate Change for Kids (pg 6)

A Child’s Geography 5 (pg 40)

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