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Finessing the Funnel

that contract necessary.The end of the funnel, the desirable state, is to get an agent or producer consistently writing business in your agency. So, how do we close that gap? From a prospect being a lead to being interested, all the way through to activation, it’s a long process, longer than most processes that a prospect travels. If you’re wondering why your leads and contracted agents aren’t arriving here, then you’ve got to look more closely at your funnel and where agents are getting stuck. What you need is to become very good at identifying challenges and potential pitfalls in that funnel. It’s why we’ve spent hundreds of hours analyzing our clients’ processes to determine where they get backed up and then building efficiencies based on our assessment. We’ve done this for many BGAs and IMOs, including a client who’s been with us for some time. When they came to us, they were just like anybody else in our industry.They used email marketing, database vendors, list vendors — the usual suspects.Their team was spending a lot of time and effort trying to find producers who were a good fit, and they weren’t getting results.They were sifting through a mess at the top of their funnel, and the quality leads were getting stuck up there, lost alongside everyone else. When this client came to us, we took a hard look at their processes and helped them develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that connected them with qualified producers. We went well beyond the list vendors and email blasts to create efficiencies within their systems. We used marketing automation to save them time and money and help them convert more of their prospects to contracts and written business. This is just one of our success stories, and we share it to prove that you can get more out of your leads. Don’t get trapped with lists of bad leads that literally get stuck in your funnel.There is a faster way to identify the bottlenecks where you’re losing steam. You want more contracts and producers writing business from your pool of existing leads, and we have a tool to get them through the funnel. We can offer a diagnostic analysis that any BGA/IMO or carrier can take. It’s a free online assessment based on specific questions we’ve identified that show your performance through the three segments of the funnel. To access it, take our free analysis here: We’re excited to see what it can do for you.

You got them through that next section of the funnel: You closed the independent agent to contract with you.They’ve made a decision to join your distribution channel. But as you know too well, the game doesn’t end there. The challenge continues to get this agent producing. Added to the challenge is the fact that these are still independent agents; they’re not your employees. It feels like you’re so close to getting them through that last section of the funnel — activation — but it’s not easy. Anyone trying to build a distribution channel made of independent agents or producers deals with a challenging process. Whether or not you’ve standardized it, you have a process and system in your company through which you attract the individuals and groups with whom you do business. This is what your company uses to take individuals from a prospect state, through the contracted stage, and eventually to the stage of consistenly writing business through your brokerage channel. We call this the Agent Recruiting and Producer Activation Funnel. At the top of the funnel, you’ve got a lot of unqualified leads that might not be the best fit. A lot of time and resources go into the top of the funnel. There’s a lot of activity, but you don’t know whom to focus on. When you get to the middle, you’ve got leads narrowed, but another issue arises. Not all producers or advisers have a case right in front of them that will make

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