2022 Spring Active Living Guide


Tot Gym I (4 - 6 years) Excellent for the children who are ready to join the instruc- tor and learn the basics of gymnastics. Introductory skills on all apparatus are taught in this level. Tot Gym II (4 - 6 years) Children in this level understand the concept of cartwheels and are comfortable on all apparatus. Skills introduced in this level include arabesque, pullovers and straddle rolls. Tot Gym III (4 - 6 years) In this level, children become very comfortable with cart- wheels and handstands. Forward rolls are now introduced on the balance beam. Tot Gym IV (4 - 6 years) For children ready to start power skills in tumbling. Relevé walks are developed along with circles on the uneven bars. Trampoline & Tumbling (4 - 5 years) This progressive level system follows our regular trampoline skill chart. Tumbling is added to round out the trampoline skills and teach body awareness. CHILDREN Intro (6 - 12 years) Introduction to the basics of gymnastics in a safe, relaxed

TRAMPOLINE Trampoline Colour Levels (6 - 12 years) Red Introductory skills include the stop bounce, seat drop, tuck jump and straddle jumps. Orange Skill combinations and progressions to the front drop are emphasized at this level. Yellow Participants at this level are challenged with the ant bounce as well as swivel hips. Green The airplane and back drop are the main focus of this level. Blue Back drop and front drop combinations are highlighted in this level. Gold The three ā€œCā€™sā€ (cradle, cat twist & cruise) of trampoline, winds up progressive skills needed prior to the flipping level of our trampoline classes. Pre-Competitive Trampoline (6 - 14 years) Level I The front somersault (tuck & pike) and the back somersault are the first inversions taught in this level. Level II The back somersault (tuck & pike) and the barani are the focus of this class. Level III Participants in this level learn the porpoise and layout somersaults. Level IV Single somersault skill combinations are emphasized in this class. Level V The rudi and back full are taught in this challenging level. YOUTH & ADULT Youth Gymnastics & Trampoline (11 - 17 years) For all levels of gymnastics and trampoline. Perfect for youth that would like to Flip Flop & Fly with their friends! Adult Gymnastics & Trampoline (18+ years) For all levels of gymnastics and trampoline.

and fun atmosphere. Red (6 - 12 years)

For children who grasp the basic concepts of tumbling and is comfortable on all apparatus. Cartwheels and hand- stands will be the focus of this level. White (6 - 12 years) A longer session recommended for those that have mastered a good cartwheel and front roll. Rolls on the balance beam will be introduced at this level. Blue (6 - 12 years) For children ready to combine tumbling skills. Handsprings are introduced on the mats and forward rolls on the bal- ance beam are done independently at this level. Merit, Bronze, Silver & Gold (6 - 14 years) Achievement levels emphasize advanced skill develop- ment. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace on each apparatus. Home Learners Gymnastics (6 - 14 years) A daytime class for all levels of gymnastics and trampoline. Perfect for those who would like to work together with their friends regardless of level.


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