2022 Spring Active Living Guide


Body Flow A fusion class including 30 minutes of total body condition- ing with 30 minutes of power yoga. Please bring your own yoga mat. Cardio Strength Interval (50+ years) Improve your cardio and strength while enhancing your bal- ance and mobility in this fun self-paced circuit style workout. Core & Stretch A fusion class combining 30 minutes of core and balance work with 30 minutes of full body stretching. Please bring your own yoga mat. Cycle A non-impact cardio workout combining a variety of indoor cycling intervals and drills. Cycle Fit A class combining 35 - 40 minutes of indoor cycling with 10 - 15 minutes of body conditioning and core training ex- ercises, using dumbbells and tubing. INDOOR CYCLING RESERVATIONS • No class admittance once the class has started • Pick up your reservation confirmation at least 5-minutes prior to class time or your reservation is released to waiting participants • New participants should arrive 10 minutes early for bike set up and use assistance • No-shows will be tracked and failure to cancel may result in revoked privileges. Functionally Fit & Pilates Maintain your independence and daily strength with an all body conditioning resistance training class. Isolated and compound exercises with free weights, tubing, steps, exer- cise balls and more! Interval Training A high energy class combining cardio and strength interval drills to improve strength and endurance, followed by a relaxing stretch. Mindfully Fit & Strong (50+ years) Low impact choreographed cardio to stimulate both sides of the brain. Exercise to improve coordination and balance movements, and strength will train your body for daily living. Power Yoga Link classic hatha yoga poses in flowing sequences that are both physically challenging and also promote body, mind and breathe awareness. Please bring your own yoga mat.

Strength & Stretch Strengthen your muscles using light weights, tubing and your own body weight to build endurance and maintain bone mass. This class will finish off with stretching and relaxing. Total Body Conditioning (TBC) Bootcamp A high energy class combining cardio, strength and flex - ibility. Always varied and challenging to get you the results you want. Workout This high energy class expertly combines the major com- ponents of fitness: flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and cardio training. Yoga Postures and stretches are used in combination with breath work to encourage alignment, improve balance, increase strength and help calm the mind and body. Zumba A total workout, combining all elements of fitness (cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility) for boosted energy! Mix low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.


What to know before you go

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