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Answers To Your Inquiries On Our Weight Loss Programs

QUESTION: I have tried other weight loss programs in the past, what makes yours different? ANSWER: Prior to beginning one of our weight loss programs, we do a thorough evaluation and screening, which involves blood work, a physical examination and a complete review of your medical history. You then meet with a nutrition counselor who will provide a detailed and well-structured eating plan that is customized for you and is based on your current medical conditions, food preferences and lifestyle. This plan is easy to follow and shows results quickly. There are plenty of other ways to lose weight, but most of them are unhealthy, fad diets or involve purchasing processed foods in a box. You may achieve your weight-loss goal, but at what cost to your body and your well being? QUESTION: I’ve been reading about supervised medical weight loss. What does that entail? ANSWER: Our program involves FDA approved appetitemanagement therapies and lipotropic nutrients that will promote, encourage, and support the removal of fatty deposits from the liver and aid in ensuring that excess stored fat gets burned off in fuel and energy instead of being stored in the body. This plan also includes nutritional guidance, meal planning and recipes to ensure you are nourishing your body with the right foods. Advanced Wellness has the expertise and personalized care to guide you step by step to help you reach your health and weight loss goals. We have also found that many people who struggle to lose weight may actually have food sensitivity issues that cause inflammation of their cells due to an adverse reaction to certain proteins. Aside from unexplained difficulty losing weight, people with food sensitivities may also experience a variety of symptoms including headaches, acid reflux and digestive issues to name a few. By including a food sensitivity test in our weight loss program, we can identify what foods are most compatible with your body and what foods you should avoid so that we can remove the offenders, reduce inflammation and aid in weight loss. To note, this is not the same test that is done for food allergies, which is an immune system response. Those are more notably food allergies that may cause

We have many health and weight loss plans available. At a consultation with one of our Case Managers we can determine which plan best suits your goals and budget. Listed below are a few of our most popular plans: For Patients Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau We Have… • The 4 WEEK NATURAL TURBO WEIGHT LOSS-Lose up to 15 pounds! For patients looking to lose those last 10 plus pounds or have an event they want to look great for, our 4 week natural program may be ideal. This medical weight loss program is perfect if you have over 15 pounds to lose. Lose up to 40 pounds safely under our supervision and learn how to keep the weight off for life. We’ll monitor your progress to ensure that you don’t launch back into old habits or ruin all of your efforts. For patients seeking to improve their health condition • FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: This program is ideal for those who want to reduce or eliminate prescription medicine intake, lose weight, feel better and restore their body back to proper function naturally. So if you are tired of shopping mall nutrition advice, fad diets and the highs and lows of dieting, visit us on the web at or call Advanced Wellness (732) 431-2155 to schedule a consultation today. Advanced Wellness offers many nutrition programs to suit your goals, budget and timeframe. Call the office today to schedule your free consultation. For Patients Seeking a Total Body Transformation • 12-WEEK LIFESTYLE CHANGE-Lose up to 40 pounds!

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