Newaygo Affidavit 2020


This affirmation related to property (the "Subject Property") located in Newaygo County, Michigan that I am purchasing under section 78m(2) or 78m(5) of The General Property Tax Act, 1893 PA 206, as amended, MCL 211.8m(2) or 211.78m(5), with the following tax parcel identification number and address: [address according to tax records].

I affirm under penalty of perjury that:

1) I do not directly or indirectly hold more that a de minimus interest in any property with delinquent taxes located in Newaygo County, Michigan and 2) I am not directly or indirectly responsible for any unpaid civil fines for a violation of a city ordinance authorized by section 4 l of The Home Rule City Act, 1990 PA 279, as amended, MCL 117.4 l , in the city in which the Subject Property is located.


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