Now that we have a little grasp of some important terms lets discuss the lines we carry. Denso and VDO OEM: These are an OE FIT, FORM and FUNCTION product. Denso does NOT make any sensors, but buys them from the Original manufactures that engineered them for the car manufacture. VDO DOES make a lot of the OE sensors and follows the exact fit, form function, as well. If you hear a customer say, "I want to buy the replacement sensors only from the car dealer," then sell them Denso or VDO OE. They will look and fit just like the OE because that's is exactly what they are. ( FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC ). They come with the necessary programming / criteria for the vehicle they are designed for. Each sensor has its own ID number already imbedded into it so it will have to be "RE LEARNED" by the vehicle's computer for This is what is called a UNIVERSAL SENSOR . It comes with a lot more vehicle programming and criteria, and may not look exactly like the original sensor, but will perform the same. Depending on the part number, it will come with one of the two different valve stem configurations which are RUBBER SNAP IN or METAL CLAMP IN . ALL sensors have these same two similar valve stem designs. This sensor will already have a ID number imbedded into it thus they will ALL HAVE TO BE RE LEARNED by the vehicle for proper operation. Standard Quick Sensor: This sensor is designed like and does exactly what a VDO Redi sensor does. It comes ready to go with programming and a new ID number, and it will work on any car it is designed for after a proper re learn. HOWEVER , it does have an extra capability. It has an extra strip inside that will allow its ID number to be re written to the original sensor ID number. This must be accomplished with an approved and fully up dated TPMS tool like the T55001 Tech Smart, which we stock. There are other tools that will do this but the shop needs to check that out before attempting to Re ID. Like we said earlier , the advantage of doing a re ID, is that there is NO RE LEARN NECESSARY to finish the job. Alligator: This sensor is a complete solution for TPMS ISSUES but there is one critical thing everyone needs to be aware of. " Every Alligator sensor come completely empty. It is void of any programming, criteria and ID numbers. " The sensor is able to be programmed and ID'ed "application specific" to the car the shop is working on. This can be done 2 ways. First, by using the Alligator Programing pad ( PART NUMBER 590922 ), hook sensor up to a computer and accesses a FREE, UP DATED WEBSITE that will send the programming and all necessary information directly into the correct Alligator Sensor VIA the pad . At the time of programming, the shop can take the original ID number DIRECTLY off of the original sensor, type it into to information on the programming website, then when the programming is complete, you will have an exact copy (or clone) of the original sensor. Now all that is needed is to put the new sensor back in the tire, put the tire and rim back on the car and drive it out. Alligator can also be programmed and ID'ed using a quality TPMS TOOL that has a feature called COPY ORIGINAL SENSOR and PROGRAM NEW SENSOR ; the T55001 had this feature. By using this feature, the tool can extract all the programming and the ID number out of the original sensor and then PROGRAM AND ID the Alligator sensor. You then have a completely cloned and copied sensor that is ready to go. No re learn needed. Just install and drive off. Please be aware of one main thing when selling Alligator: If your customer DOES NOT have a programming pad or a TPMS Tool with programming capabilities, sell them ANY of our TPMS lines to avoid them installing a sensor that has no programming in it. Once again, Alligator has an excellent Tech Support line. These guys will answer any and all questions on TPMS even if not specific to Alligator. PROVIDED BY: JOHN HERRMAN successful operation. VDO Redi Sensor:

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