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In the last newsletter, I mentioned that I enjoy taking deep-sea fishing trips with my kids. It’s always been a family affair. My father started taking me fishing when I was a teenager. He was a skilled fishermen and participated in a charter with a local group in our town. They would charter a boat for a couple days, go out on the water, and bring home whatever they caught. Centered around the

sports store in town, the group included several very accomplished fishers. I remember my dad returning home from each trip with a bounty of fish, and Mom was always ready to bring on the sauce. Tuna is especially good in a baked sauce.

"Our wish to them, and to everyone affected by the hurricanes, is that they’re able to rebuild their lives and return to some level of normalcy."

are just what we’ve come to appreciate about the holiday.

last minute. Thank goodness they are all safe and rebuilding now. It’s brought the town together and everyone is working to put things back in order. With so much of my family residing in other parts of the U.S., I’m thankful to have my younger son and his wife nearby, so we can see each other often. In fact, we have a deep sea fishing trip scheduled for early November. We communicate almost every week, which I realize is a luxury not every parent has. Our talks are one of the highlights of my week. To you, my clients, we are grateful for your loyalty and support. I’ve worked with some of you for over 20 years, and it has been an honor to see you through each life event. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that.

Often, we don’t understand how

Around the holidays, I think about my dad and feel gratitude for the time I get to spend with my own kids. Because they’re adults and busy with their lives, the moments I get with them are priceless. We spent our last two Thanksgiving holidays with our children in Albuquerque, and we’ll most likely be joining them there again this month. New Mexico is particularly nice this time of year, with fresh, clear air and expansive skies. Our last couple visits were filled with fabulous food thanks to my daughter-in-law, who is a great host and especially talented with food presentation. We have a traditional meal, which I’m glad for, because Turkey is my favorite part. I guess I’m a traditionalist. A juicy turkey, a nice bottle of wine, and all the trimmings

much we have until we see others living without it. This fall, we watched in horror as natural disasters tore through our country. Storms and other forces of nature brought widespread loss. My daughter-in-law in Mexico is from Puerto Rico, and her direct family still lives there, so they were faced with the destruction of Hurricane Maria. Weeks after it struck, parts of Puerto Rico were still without power, and as we saw on the news, the damage was everywhere. We are grateful that her family survived. Our wish to them, and to everyone affected by the hurricanes, is that they’re able to rebuild their lives and return to some level of normalcy. In Houston, my eldest nephew was faced with trials of his own as they experienced the recent flooding and had to evacuate at the

Enjoy your time with the people you love and have a happy Thanksgiving.

–Arthur J. Swerdloff


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