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125 Years

James A. Houlihan 1895-1961

James G. Houlihan 1923-Present

Howard L. Parnes 1929-Present

Firm is currently managed by James J. Houlihan Houlihan Parnes, Realtors, LLC celebrates its 125th Anniversary in 2016

ounded in 1891 by Daniel J. Houlihan, an Irish immigrant, Houlihan Parnes has al- ways been family owned and operated and is proudly celebrating its 125th year of continuous operation. Span- ning three centuries, the firm originally was founded as a carpentry and construc- tion business which evolved into property ownership and development and many related commercial service businesses. The firm is currently man- aged by James J. Houlihan, who joined the firm in 1973 and became a managing partner in 1987. Their for- mer partner, Daniel J. Hou- lihan, retired in 1984 and passed away in 1998. The two other partners, James G. Houlihan and Howard Parnes, are inactive due to health considerations at this time. Several members of the fifth generation of the Hou- lihan family have worked at Houlihan-Parnes Real- tors over the last few years and Bryan Houlihan, son of James J. Houlihan, current- ly works at the company. F

James G. Houlihan 1923-Present James G. Houlihan 1923-Present

Daniel Houlihan 1855-1941

Joseph T. Houlihan 1885-1947

James A. Houlihan 1895-1961

In addition, Jim’s brother-in- law, James K. Coleman, and cousin, Jeremiah Houlihan, and Howard Parnes’ nephews, Fred and Sheldon Stahl, and their mother, Barbara, have been with the company for many years. The firm will be celebrating its milestone throughout the year and would like to offer their congratulations to two other iconic New York City institutions, Carnegie Hall and the New York Botanical Garden, who are also celebrat- ing their 125th Anniversaries.

Howard L. James J. Ho James G. H

James J. Houlihan 1952-Present

Howard L. Parnes 1929-Present

Daniel J. Houlihan 1920-1998

James J. Houlihan 1952-Present

James J. Houlihan 1952-Present

Fred Stahl Barbara Stahl Sheldon Stahl

Bryan Houlihan James K. Coleman Jeremiah Houlihan

Megan McEvoy

Howard L. Parnes James J. Houlihan & James G. Houlihan

Christie Houlihan Kelly Katherine Buckley James J. Houlihan

Bryan Houlihan

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