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It’s incredible to think about, but this is the last month of 2019, which means another decade is coming to an end as the 2010s give way to the 2020s. And what a decade it’s been for all of us here at Frye Law Group. For one thing, these last 10 years have allowed for me to now say, “all of us” rather than just “myself.” Our team has more than doubled over the last few years, and it has made us such a strong firm because it has improved what we can offer our clients, and how we can conduct business for them. If there’s anything the last decade has taught me, it’s that there is immense power in teamwork. With my name on the masthead of our web pages, on every piece of marketing material, and even at the top of this newsletter, sometimes it’s hard for clients to look beyond me and feel assurance about trusting a different attorney with their case. While I’m honored by their faith, the truth is, it’s our great team that makes the services we provide so effective. We have multiple fantastic attorneys working for Frye Law Group, all with different insights and personalities that bring essential elements to our repertoire with clients, prosecutors, and judges. There are different flavors of Skittles in our bowl and we aren’t “one size fits all.” However you want to phrase it, our diverse team allows us to do so much more for our clients.

someone to pick up every phone call, to dedicate attention to every detail, and to exhaust every tactical avenue. We’ve developed a reputation for being where we need to be, when we need to be there, and prepared on every level that’s expected of us. That’s not a reputation you can develop on your own.

face unfair systems, and developing cases for people on probation who need a hand getting back to a productive life sooner rather than later. These and other underrepresented parties need someone to fight for them, and we want to be that someone. Above all, our goal is to continue fostering deep connections with every single one of our clients. We handle even the smallest of cases with the utmost dedication, because we know if you’re the one in the midst of it, it doesn’t feel small to you. Our vision is to give our clients every opportunity to defend themselves, and let them know they have a team they can trust every step of the way. So here’s to an inspiring past and an exciting future.

More important than reminiscing, we now have a new decade to look forward to together. As wonderful as growing this team has been, our goal is not to continue expanding in size. We don’t want to be a firm that simply hires more attorneys so it

“We’ve developed a reputation for being where we need to be and when we need to be there, prepared for what is expected of us on every level.”

Working as a team means we not only have the bandwidth to be more attentive, but we’re also a more formidable force against our opponents. We no longer need to stretch ourselves thin, but instead find strength in working with each other so that we can get the very best results every time. We have

can take more cases and earn more profit. Instead, our ambition is to expand the types of cases we can take on. We’re looking to delve into new fields so we can represent people who otherwise may not have someone they can trust. We’re ambitiously exploring more protections for college students who

–Kim Keheley Frye

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