The Elms Yearbook

Published by the Students of Buffalo State College

May 2006

Buffalo, NewYork



Elms Yearbook 2006 Volume 95

Editor in Chief: Michelle R. Curtis

Managing Editor: Nichole Williams

Secretory: Alexa Torres

Advisor/ Designer: David Meinzer, USG Press Services Director

Photographers: Michelle Curtis, Nichole Williams, Alexa Torres, David Meinzer, Denardo Jenkins, Christina Bailey, Meliso Dybbro. Some organization photos and senior portraits were supplied by students. Most senior portrait photos by Wilmock Photography. Sports team photos by Colorgrophic.

Writers: Michelle Curtis, David Meinzer, Nichole Williams, Brittany Bukowski, Andeni Cunningham, Jeff Ventura.

Buffalo State College State University of New York College at Buffalo 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

500 copies printed by Century Printing, Williamsville, NY; April 2006. Published by the United Students Government Service Group, Inc. with funds from the mandatory student activity fee . © 2006 United Students Government Service Group, Inc.

All rights reserved. Some of the contentsof this book remain the property of the individuals or organizations who provided it. The remainder iscopyrighted by the UnitedStudents Government and anyreprinting or public use is prohibited without the written permissionof the USGSG, Inc.

CONTENTS Introduction: "Time Capsule" • 4

Campus and Students: Photos • 6 AYear to Remember: 2005-2006 • 15 Diversity at Its Best: Organizations • 41 The Year in Sports: Athletic Teams • 55 Class of 2006: Portraits • 63 Dedications • 76 Elms Staff • 79

ELMS 2006



"Time Capsule" You are holding a time capsule - one you can keep and open any time you want. Across the Elmwood Avenue

Here we are 135 years later located in urban Buffalo, NY. This area serves as the art district and is in an ideal position to influence and be influenced by its surround– ing communities. This institution rests comfortably on the Elmwood strip nestled by the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, the Albright Knox and the Historical Society. Buffalo State College has grown into the tremendous institu– tion that is now home to dedicated faculty, staff and our rising gradu– ates. Whether our students cross the many state lines or are NewYork locals, there are many things to do to ensure that everyone has a sub– stantial experience. As you turn the pages ofyour 2006 Elms, I challenge you to reflect on the many captivat– ing experiences you had that made you the person you are today.

bridge is the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. In front of the building is a small plaque and beneath .it is buried a time capsule. The time capsule was put there in 1957 and is scheduled to be opened in 2032. This yearbook is your own personal time capsule that you can keep and open at anytime. If a time capsule was buried for the Buffalo Normal School in 1871 and was opened, what would you find? Maybe some syllabi, pictures, class notes from the first set of stu– dents, and definitely a newspaper. It seems like a newspaper always captures and high lights late break– ing news and the events of the times. This time capsule that you now embrace can take you back over your years here and what it was like to be a student at Buffalo State College.

-Michelle Curtis, Editor

\!rbe C!Elms ~earbook The Campus and the Students Buffalo: More Than Snow Usually when some–

and Perry Quads are bustling with students hanging out. In the winter, when it's colder, they are in the Student Union enjoying the1nselves and the many campus organi– zations. In the spring, they bring out the Frisbees because the weather de– cided to give us all a break. Whatever time of year it is, we make sure we embrace each moment. There is always something to do here at Buffalo State, you just have to find it, if not, it might just find you. Though this is a pre– dominantly commuter school, many of our stu– dents choose to live on campus and have the full college experience. For

some it is memorable and for others it is a true ~~learning experience." However, you will see that the creativity of our stu– dents slill shines through as they decorate their rooms and go through their daily lives as residen– tial students at Buffalo State College. The Resi– dence Life Office brings together a diverse set of students to meet the ever– changing demands of our growing student popula– tion. The RAs, FYMs, and AAs are there to assist and guide those in the resi– dence halls and to ensure that their years here will be a valuable experience.

one hears that we live or go to school in Buffalo, NY they picture the many feet of snow that sometimes comes our way. Whether you were from here or not, we can tell you, that extreme weather is not always the case. Despite everyone's perception of Buffalo, here at Buffalo State College we make sure we have a good time with where we are. As you can see from the picturesque moments to follow in this book, Buffalo State not only has diverse atmos– phere and architecture but a diverse student body that will come together for many reasons. In the fall the Union


ELMS 2000


ELMS 2006



ELMS 2006



ELMS 2006




ELMS 2006


ELMS 2006



ELMS 2006




ELMS 2006


\!tbe Qflms ~earbook Fall2005/Spring 2006 AYear to Remember

The Record was published once-a -week d uring I he school yew: Here a re some oflhe slo– ries liw11he s111de111 newspaper co11ered.

October 27

art entries. Women's basketball player Danika Moseley is honored as Athlete of the Week.

The Peace Week summn 1s held in Rockwell Hall. A tuition hike is discussed in the Sta te Legislature. Alternative fuels for automo– biles a nd former Secretary of State Colin Powell are covered. The Bengals Football Team win the ir homecoming game against the Newport News Apprentice School Builders. Two radio reporters speak on their expe– riences covering the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in Louis iana. Union Bash brings stu– dents to the Student Union for an evening of activities. The Buff State Child Care Center, pregnancy options for students, Rosa Parks, and the music downloading controversy a1·e covered. Deceased Dean of Students Phil San ta Maria is remembered. Buffalo State prepares for win ter. NYPIRG is collecting recyclables for hurricane relief. The International and Exchange Office offers students opportunities to study in other countries. The Whitworth-Ferguson Planetaritun offers students a look at the universe. Students auend a leadership conference at SUNY ew Paltz. Trey Anistasio performs in Buffalo. Local web sites are covered as a source of info on what's going on in the city. Military recruiters are discussed. Live music on campus past and present b covered. Basketball season starts. Th e Record publishes results of their Best of Buffalo Poll. The possible health hazards of energy d rinks are covered. Erno Rossi, the local author of a book on the Crystal Beach amusement park, visits the College Bookstore. The program that provides tutors for students needing extra help is seeing heavy use. The Peace Bridge, air– port security, global warming, rhP yPar in movies. and NewYork hip-hop are discussed. Roland Wise, a retired Fine Arts profes– sor a nd painter is remembered. Seasonal Affective Disorder is discussed (in~pite of the unusually mild winter we're having). The Burchfield-Penney Art Center is soliciting craft NO\t'mbel Novembt•r 10 "'lo\'cmber I 7 Den rnher I Decem her 8 aouary l.b

February 2.

'it pi ·n I t•r

Pink Martini wilt be performing at Rockwell I!all. Apopular Planetarium program is extended. Uterature classes address poverty - both in bookl> and in life. A downtown casino is discussed. Bruce Adams, local artist and Buff State grad explores interaction with paintings. Maria n Anderson, a performer from the 1930s, is remembe red . Voter registration is stow. Men's Basketball Team wi ns three su·aight. Men's IlockcyTeam makes playoffs. Local radio station switches to liberal oriented talk format. The Burchfield-Penney announces the construction of a new building at Rockwell and Elmwood. The Rooftop Poetry club takes on a new project connecting poetry a nd maps. I Ioyt announces a $250,000 grant for renovations to the Campbell Student Union - to be followed by another $3 million to be spent by the college over the next several years. The Ice Fountain in the Union Quad is in need of repair. A multi– story hotel may be built at Elmwood and Forest. l3tad. filml> are discussed. Luis Antonetti, a student fatally wound– ed in Oswego, is remembered. President I loward gives a State of the College Address. The SABRE system of ma naging studen t records does not get high grades. The Caribash show will be back on campus this spring. l··b u n 'I l·ebruarv 16 Fcbruar~ 23 State Assemblyman Sam March 2

The college was mournin g the death of College Bookstore textbook manager Dennis Bernas just as the semester began. A traveling peace demonstration that was planned for the campus grounds had to be relocated to 'iagara Square downtown. just over 80 students were living in a local Holiday Inn because campus residences were full. Fajri Ansari was named coach of the flengals Men's Basketball Team. KanyeWest's latest CD got a positive review. Several students who are servicemen returning from the Iraq war are interviewed. A campus poetry group is formed. The fight to save New York City's legendary CBGB night club is covered. Casting Hall is presenting The RocJ.cy 1/on·or Show. Metro Bus encourages use of the student bus pass. Butler Library features an exhibition on censorship. Casting l lall is s taging Reckless. Buff State prepares for I lomecoming. Book defer– ments and the College Bookstore are dis– cussed. Oorm safety, emo music, and a live Esquivel album from 1974 are covered. Buff State alum Byron Brown is running for mayo r of Buffalo. The In ternational Affairs Office assists s tudents from other coun tries a ttending Buff State. A paperback book exchange program h as been started in the Butler Library. NYPIRG is encouraging stu– dents to register to vote. Sleeping Kings of Jona and Jason Mraz are reviewed. Another candidate for mayor of Buffalo, Kevin I Ieifer, is covered. l-IN testing is available at the Weigd Health Cem er. A Peace Week Hag– rais ing ceremony is held in the Union Quad. The Union Game Room will re-open. The Women's IIockey Team is preparing for their season. Albums by Fiona Apple and Cory Branan are reviewed. Comedian Carlos Mencia appeal:. u11 campus. Septembl!r I; St•ptember 29 Ottohl n Octobt:r I i (k·oher JO

I !i

ELMS 2006

ELMS 2006


FALL 2005

Organization Fair Student Organizations show the campus who they are and just what they do. W hat better way to start the new year than with our student organizations? On September 29, 2005 all the student organizations got together for our annual organizational fair. The temperature was right as our dedicated students displayed their diverse groups. We saw fashion, culture, student government, academic and social clubs. You name it, we had it at this year's organizational fair. Buffalo State's array of organizations targeted the needs of its growing student population, offering great leadership devel– opment opportunities as well as building know– ledge of who we are as a people to go forth and positively impact each other.


ELMS 2006

ELMS 2006


FALL 2005 PeaceWeek Flag-Raising

T he 4th An nual Peace Week at Buffa lo Stale :;tarted off on October 17 with the traditional flag-raising in the Union Quad. Peace Week organi zer Dr. Jean Gounard introduced several speakers, among them Michael Bastine (upper right photo), a Nalive American Elder. Olher speakers included Dr. Donald Rochon (middle photo), USG Pres– ident Matthew Levin-Stankevich, and Chris topher Driver, a grade-school s tudent at the Buckham Campus School, who read a poem he had written for the occasion. Following the speakers, the flags of the United States, the United Nations, and Buffalo State were raised by a group tha t included students, University Police, VISitors from American and Canadian Fire Depart– ments, emergency workers, and the Salvation Army. An honor guard from the Niagara Frontier American Legion Post 1041 was also present. Peace Week concluded a week later with a day-long conference featuring speakers, presentations, and discussions.

ELMS 2006


FALL 2005 Live Music in the Quad: Simapaluza E ach semester the Stu– dents In Music spon– sor an event they call the Simapaluza. They com–

bine live bands - often bands that include Buff State students in the lineup -with a free lunch. SIM members cooked hot dogs for students who showed up for this fall's Simapaluza held in mid-October, while several bands entertained from the steps of the Student Union. From These Eyes is the band shown in these pictures; Take It to the Morgue also performed.

ELMS 2006


It was definitely that time of year again and we all felt the Bengal Fire. Buffalo State held its annual Homecoming Week fe stivities. We had comedian Carlos Mencia perform in the Sports Arena, shows, a hypnotist, lip sync contest, parade, and the ever famous King and Queen Pageant. This year's win– ners were Bonnie Simmons and Ibrahim Traore. The Elms Yearbook hosted a "Say Cheese" event

during the Rally to capture a campus portrait showing the diversity of Buffalo State. The Homecoming tradition at colleges and high schools has usual– ly revolved around a football game,

with the festivities geared to cheering on the home team (who have been playing on the road previous– ly) to a big win. Appropriately, the Bengal Football Team won their Saturday afternoon game.


ELMS 2006

Homecoming CompetitionWinners

Banner Competition Best Student Organization: Adelante Estudiante Latinos Best Use ofTheme: Caribbean Students Organization Best Greek Organization: Alpha Sigma Tau

Shopping Cart Competition Best Residence Hall: Porter/ North Wing Best Academic Student Organization: Fashion Students Organization Best Student Organization: Student Life Best Use of Theme: Women's Basketball Best Sport's Team: Lacrosse Best Overall: Chemistry/Forensics Best Department/Service: Weigel Health Center

Best Overall: Pan African Students Organization

ELMS 2006



ELMS 2006

The Pep Rui/Jj

THE HOMECOMING PEP RALLY boosted members of Buff Stole's athletic teams, college administrators (above: Stan Kenyon, Albert Howard, Gail Mahoney, Jerry Boyes, and president Muriel Howard), and the finals of oUp-Sync contest. The "Thriller"s from Adelonte Estudiontes Latinos (middle left) beat out the ladies of Student life (bottom right) for the prize. And naturally the cheerleoding squad was on hand.

ELMS 2006



The USB Chic/ten Barbecue A FREE BARBECUED CHICKEN lunch provided by the United Students Government was served as port of the Homecoming Rally. Students stood in line for the traditional chicken, bread, and salad meal which they enjoyed during the festivities. Members of the student government executive board and senate acted as servers.


ELMS 2006

ORGANIZATION BANNERS hove become one of the most important and expres– sive features of Homecoming of Buff Stole. In the picture below the groups ore seenparading their bonners to the stage during the pep rally. Some of them ore featured in the other photos on this page (clockwise from top left): Adelonte Estudiontes Latinos, Alpha Sigma Tau, PanAfrican Students Organization, Fashion Students Association, and The Caribbean Students Organization.

ELMS 2006

Parade t Football

ON SATURDAY MORNING students put on their "war paint" and brought their decorated shopping cart floats to the Homecoming Parade. Perry Hall, the Forensic Chemistry Club, and the Fashion Students were among the parade participants. Naturally, the Bengal mascot was on hand for the festivities.

ELMS 2006



UMBRELLAS AND RAIN GEAR were the order of the day - it rained on the parade, the tailgate parties, and the football game. But the drizzle didn't dampen the spirits of the fans or slow down the Bengal football team. They beat the Newport News Apprentice School Builders 27-0.


ELMS 2006

FALL 2005

Union Bash

The semi-annual Union Bash party in late October filled the student union with a full evening of activities. The event was sponsored by Student Life and Residence Life, and the different fea– tures were sponsored and run by various student organizations. USG's Bingo games and the Pride Alliance drag show are seen in these pictures. There was also live music, casino games, karaoke, and a treas– ure hunt, plus Halloween– themed activities like pumpkin carving, a mummy wrap, slime making, and face painting.


ELMS 2006

Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser

Canzpus responds to Natural Disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi in Many Ways 0 n Monday, August 29, 2005 the coun t1y was devastated by th e effects of one of the nation's most horrific national disas– ters. Hurricane Ka trina not only tore apa rt ew Orleans and the Miss– issippi coast, but many Gulf Coast resid ents were d isplaced to other s ta tes. Cities and towns all over the countty opened their arms to help those whose lives were turned upside down by the hurrican e. Buffa lo State and the community joined togethe r to raise money for the flurr ican c Katrina Relief Effo rts. The campus community did an exemplaty job in collaborating with other organizations to make this a success. Many people from the com– munity donated the ir time and goods to the event.

ELMS 2006


3 1

ELMS 2006

ShowYour Colors

Slutlenls Show School ~pzrzt by Wearing Buffalo State Gear W hether it's a sweatshirt that simply says "Buffalo State," or a whole outfit with matching top and bottoms, s tud ents freq uently show up on campus in "official" Buffalo State clothing. Some students gel their outfits by joining ath letic teams or the cheerlead– ing squad. Most eve1yone else purchases clothes at the college store where over 200 items are available with some sort of Buffalo Sta tP. imprint. Some even get an early start. Jessica Levesque is still nnly ~ miridl~ Echool otudont, but dulit l!!,tltt:: vviulet IH l-!:.ik. she was seen shopping in th e bookstore with her mom, Aimee. Aimee Levesque is a student a t Buff Still"e nnrl hPr daughle r plans to go to Buff State, but Jessica is already WAnrin r, r lnthpc; with th101 collogo nomn. Of courJC if tl11:::y 'n; a typical mother and daughter, it likely started out with Jessica borrowing mom's sweatshirt.

ELMS 2006


FALL2006 Casting Hall Stage Productions The cast of The Rocky Horror Show

B uff State's student theater group, Casting Hall Productions, got some national attention this year when their production of Tom Fontana's The Day Jack London Got Pinched was the subject of a public broadcasting documentary. The play was re-staged and in September, and Fontana, a Buff State alum, was on hand for the occasion to visit with students. Casting Hall continued their season with Craig Lucas's Reckless, staged in the Flexible Theater in

October and directed by Susan Forbes. The big production of the fall semester was The Rocky Horror Show, a colorful rock musical. Staged in the Warren Enters Theatre in Upton Hall, Richard O'Brien's play was directed by Drew Kahn. The season continued in the spring with a pro– duction of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a costume drama by Christopher Hampton. The p lay was directed by Donn Youngstrom in the Warren Enters Theatre in early March.


ELMS 2006

Pictures from the October production of Croig lucas's Reckless.

ELMS 2006


FALL 2005 Student Art Sale a Success

. "'" '

Canzpus Custonzers Snap Up Works and Wares ofStudent Artists F or the ninth year the Arts and Humanities Department sponsored a sale of student art in the Upton Hall gallery. Paintings, sculptures, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, wood– works, prints, photographs and more were available for two days in December. The work was primarily the creations of Fine Art and Art Education students. The sale was a huge suc– cess with sales reported at over $10,000- funds which the department notice said "brightened many a visual arts student's holiday season!"

ELMS 2006


ELMS 2006


FALL2005 - """"

USG Corporate Meeting Who could resist free pizza? B ecause it is an independent corporation the United Students Government is required to hold a shareholders' meeting once a year. To entice as many students as possible to attend the event- and learn a little about what they are funding with their student activity fee– pizza was provided after the meeting. This year's meeting was in early December with the USG officers addressing those in attendance (above) in the Bulger Communication Center. The refreshments were available in the lobby (left).


ELMS 2006


Leadership Fair During the first week of the spring semester there may not have been much snow outside, but for one day the Student Life Office filled the Union lower lobby with paper snowflakes to accompany their "Warm-Up to Leadership" Fair. The

event was part of the constant effort to get students involved and

engaged in campus activities - particularly in leadership roles. Many opportunities were presented by various campus offices and organizations.

ELMS 2006


Union Renovations Announced W inter swilight streamed through the skylight of the Campbell StudentUnion lower lobby on the morn– ing of Febrwuy 22 when State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt announced a state grant for renovations to the Union. "I will be providing, through New York resources, a grant of $250,000 to jump-start the process of beginning phase two of the upgrades to the student center here at Buffalo State," Hoyt said. President Muriel Howard also made an announcement regarding the project. "The campus is going to leverage another $3.7 million to help support the $250,000 to help us implement phase two of our Student Union rehabilitation plan," Howard said. Accordjng to Howard, the funds were to be primarily used to renovate campus dining services. Hoyt stated that the Student Union initiative is "only one item in a long lis t of othe r projects going forward" at Buffalo State. United Students Government President Matthew Levin-Stankevich, and Vice President for Studen t Affairs Hal Payne (seen at right with Howard and Hoyt) also spoke. The initial grant was largely the result of the USG President's lobbying efforts.


ELMS 2006

SPRING 2006 Valentines and Mardi Gras

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• F ebruary saw a host of social events on campus. Among them were the Ebony Hearts

Dance on February ll and the Ladies App reciation Dinner on Februaty 14 (top pictures). Two weeks later, on the 26th, the fal l semester's Hurricane Katrina fundraiser was followed up with a Mardi Gras Party (bottom pictures) that featw-ed the traditional green– go ld-purple color scheme and live music by LeeRon Zydeco. These events were all held in the Student Union Social Hal l.

ELMS 2006


Game Room Re-Opens ActivityArea in the Union Sees New Life

The USG Game Room in the Student Union had a grand re– opening on March 2 during Bengal Pause. The event fea– tured a caricature artist (at left), free food, free t-shirts, and live music by Sue and Joe Rozier (also seen at left) . Game Room organizers hoped to make the live music a regular feature and had booked vari-

ous acts for much of the rest of the spring semester. The Game Room had fallen dormant for awhile because an agreement with a vendor had fallen through. But with new pool tables, foosball games, ~nd other features, as well as the live music series, the Game Room should be active for years to come.


• Adelante Estudiantes Latinos • Black Active Minds • International Students Organization • Pan-African Students 0 rganization Students can often con– nect with these groups by tak– ing a quick stroll through the Campbell Student Union dur– ing Bengal Pause. Many organ– izations regularly have tables there with information on their programs and members on hand to answer questions. The Fall of 2005 saw the emergence of several new organizations, including the Students Involved in the Art of Metalsmithing, who adopted the acronym SIAM. "The col– lege encourages and supports the formation of new organiza– tions. It definitely adds some– thing extra to our campus," said USG Associate Vice President for Student Life Ashley Clarke. ._ -~ ':':·:, :-- -. -:~~_;:t··~~:~?t?1~;~,;~~,'??~:. ~;~7??H (; The following pages feq:furi/i'j · some ofthe Stztdenf ·· ·! Organizations active at ' BuffState duri1Zg the · 2005~2006 ye(;zr. ~-Cf.-::_·v ~~-:~7-·t.t~·_-'::..

Leadership and teambuilding workshops are held, and presi-

Buffalo State College offers dents of each organization a variety of on-campus student meet frequently to give reports. organizations. There are over This is to ensure that organiza- 50 organizations, and there is tions receive adequate support one for just about any student and operate smoothly. looking to get involved. If students' interests lie Being a part of an organi- with issues concerning poli– zation enhances the college tics, entertainment, communi– experience by allowin.g~ stu- ty service; or they are looking dents to meet and work with to network with other people other students who sh are simi- who may be on the same lar interests outside of the career path, there are organiza– classroom. tions that can cater to those "Since I joined RHA, I interests. Th ey include Stu– think I have come out of my dents for Peace, Residence Hall shell and developed more as a Association and the Student person," said Lajeanna Red- Union Board, to name just a dick, a member of Residence few. Hall Association. Some organizations focus By joining an organization, on cultural issues. They strive Buffalo State believes students to bring cultural acceptance, can: awareness and diversity by • develop leadership/team having programs that educate building skills the campus community. Din- • enhance social skills, ners, lectures, dances, fashion meet new friends and talent shows are some of • become socially, eco- the ways in which the organi- nornically and politically zations reach the campus. aware These organizations include: • become involved in the • African-American community Students Organization Faculty advisers and the • Caribbean Students United Students Government Organization

ELMS 200()


- - -

Student Organizations • ELMS 2006 United Students Government


~~cutive Board: MatthewLevin– Stankevich (1-lrestd.llnLJ, U:.tWtt Norman {Vice President), Khari Myers (Treasurer), Meghan Blake (AVP for Academics), Melanie LaFontaine (AVP for Community Relations), Kevin Buckley (AVP for Sports & Recreation), Ashley Clarke IAVP for Student Life), H~M P:.tllta (VIu,•T,t.uJuror), Shannon Crowley {Rules Chair), A11rnn (lroover (Senator Pro Tern). Senators: Kathryn Ammlrato, Lt:al\ Tir.rui!l, Allison Brady, Cristeen Dilpaah, Michael bluglosz, ArrlMIHl Feggms, Lauta Gt:!tWILl., 3lejJI1Uu Lesi\ULJ<., l'H.kJJud. Mt.!luH, lliohcwd Nathaniel, Lauren Pastwik. Leslie Perreaull, Laura Robinson, ~athenne !:>tt\trttllet, .5t:all 3ltt.dlU,,, Chn~tqphet ::>Ol1UWl!, tdkeyiu 'l\1cl

National Society ofMinorities in Hospitality Builds unity among the membership, works to educate

otudontr 1'1111111-' f'tllll t'lflt~ 11( Mjnorities/Diversity in the modern work 1orce v.rtth speakers, seminHr:o., and workshops encoW"aging princiles of ddication, self-determinMion and responsibility.

bLM::, LUUb • Student Organizations Casting Hall Productions


Steve Seeley, Nick Dostal, Mara Westerling, Kate Germain, Nick, Janelle Manns, Dechen Garza, Chris Gannon, Bennett Ferguson, Liz Penapent, Jeanetle Steiner, Abby Hoiland, Devan Baumstein, Chrissy Golab, Mark Hauck, Sue White, Eva Everette, Emily Vredenburg, Ian rrtp

Fashion Students Association

The Fashion Students Association provides ledership opportunities and career information to students in the field ofTextile Technology, including Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising. The Fashion Students sponsor and annual fashion show each spring to gtve students ideas on what to wear to future job interviews and workplaces.

Student Organizations • ELMS 200G International Students Organization Nandani


Goolsarran, Mary Simson, Aneliaya lJobrcva, Jude Jayatelleke, Wanda Salas, Elenor Blackburn (mother of International Students), Dr. Jean Gounard, Shao Chao Chen, Michelle Roberts, Sabrina Giannendree

Students for Peace

Front Row: M'lqr r R

Tiffany Clevenger, David Mondello, Alex Monterville, AshleyWaldorf, Sean Mikula, Vanessa Ron, Rachel Coffield, Jessica Anderson, Robin Carman. Third Row: Luke Riedy, Shea Bode, Mike Dagonese. Fourth Row: KatieMals, Roshen Carman, Marcin, Joshua Coppings. Travis Kozlela, Andrew Luly, Eve Everette,

ELMS 2006 • Student Organizations Adelante Estudiantes Latinos


Iyabo Akinfemi, Joseph Ramos, Jose Medina, Linoj Parakkattu, Ilich Santos, Jennifer T. Valette, Tamika Adams, Josue Rosano, Cara Re Malone, Marvis Wynn, Felipe Perez, Nora Reyes, Drayton Collins, Cynthia PU~lio, Alexa 'lorres, Zarina Jimenez, Mayra A. Zapata, Case, Triana Mena, Stephanie Chelo, Raisa Mendoza, Jessica Matos, Robert German, Jonathan Rosas, Yan Carlos Brito, Luis !vHJ.rUt'leL, usseth Akhtar, Kristin Calderon, Caroline, Anastasia M. Stark, Noemi Cordova, Jessica Washin!}ton, Adam R. Gaddie, Luis 'Peralta, Yolima Plr~t .. Tlk l:.t 1\/lt'\j<\h

AJbert Abebreseh, Magdalene Jean–

Baptiste, Charles Mays, Sandra Abeb1eseh, Betty Ofori, Tiffany Garcia, Linda Anyachebelu, Andre Henry, Christina Bailey, Adama Coulibaly, Janelle Anhwere, Potria Kubi, Welma Russell, Shedricka Joshua, P1ufe~1>Ut IVIW;a Hakeem, Stella Amoako, Barbarra Oppong, Empress Mojah, Nija Marshall, Jessica Bryant, Patrick Mnabuif1.., MdVli:> 1:1:!UOah, Iyabo Akinfemi, Clifford Owusu, Nichole Williams, Christine Dapaah

Student Organizations • ELMS 2006 Recreation Innovators Organization Sharene Davidson, Shantia, Amy Chan, Sade, Gabrielle Mosher, Martelisha Rufus, 'lamara


Carter, Erica Dec1Ly, Gtr.von Dill1...;, IIopo Worthin~on.

S.P.I.R.I.T. Gospel Choir

S.P.l.R.I.T (Students Praising In Rhythm & In Truth) utganizes singers and rwueild.l~ runl produces gospel concerts on and off campus. Performances are often staged in conjuction \

:CLMG 2000 .. 8t lllleul 01 ~glll~artons Cat·ibbean Students Organization


Though special events such as Caribbean \Veck ana the annual "Caribash'' as well as speakers, ftlms, and public forums, thr L!>U bands the Cw iLL~dit ~lllclf'nt~ nf Rn ff;~Jn ~tate togetl1e1 Lu ::.hare Llldt uul4ue t..UilU!e with the campus community.

The Record Newspaper

Standing: Rob Metzler (managing editor), Nicole Wallace (editor in chief), Brittany Bukoski (news), Scott Mammoser, Ken Drabek (entertainment), Nicole Majewski, Paul Brunskole (sports) Chris Duff (opinions), Seated: Chris Stampone, Timmy Lawton , f~errell Johnson (business).

Stu<.leul Organizations • ELMS 2006 Commuter Council


Matt, Milm Modern, Roben Marshall. Christian, Star Holmes, Tiffany Clevanger, Rachel Hothman,

Natali, Paul 'W~&llevv~ki

WBNY 91.3fm Radio

Bill Eager, Rick Vallone, Chris Gullo, Kevin Slattery, Mike Nogle, Dave Wolford, Dominic Mauro, Jenny Beck, Mike Jafari, James Samuelson, Andrea Papaj, Chelsea King, Anthony Swinnich, Ellen Sklaroff

ELMS 2006 • Studen t Organizations Best Buddies


Fourth Row: Dana Abel. Christian Klein, Dan Sicliana, SamanthaWells, Courtney Saenz. Nichole Donohuem, Liz Masse, Kerrianne Gaffney Shearn, Susanna Adams, Vennessa Thompson, Marc Strusa, Lean Pratt. Thi1 Ll Ruw. Paub vve!>Lt:W, Matt CohE'n, J;:~ime Jueckc;rnrk, DanielleVoltz, Mike Mattliano, Courtney Underwood, Jaime Warren, Luanne Fashana, Mdde lluyer. Second Row: Titia11 Gallighar, Alexa Torres, Keller Volgesang, Michelle ~auunt!tStem, Joy Valley,

Colleen Ham~. JCSS1ca Huben.

Ph'$r How: Larolin~ J::dwards, Gabrielle MoshPr

Black Active Minds

Fron t Row: Calvin Brown, Janelle Clark, Mrs. Gail Wells (advisor), Latara Robinson, Cara Malone, Jessie<'! r Pwis, LaShelle Maxwell, David Bryant. Second Row: Whitney Little, Sharene Davidson, Naranya Yarbourough, ShercceWildman, Jasslyn Hamilton, Jazzman Thanine, Drayton C:ollins. Third Row: Natasha Lee, Chrissy Calixte, Knicke Dushallater, Steven Bales, HopeWorthington, Leamon Hall, Kevin Parker, LecVaughn Spates, Terayne Thomas, Kobe, Veronil:a Asibey, Bobby Gates, Leah Greene, Yakima Melton, Dclois, Albert Abreesh.

~5~0 _____________________..;;:;S..:.:tu::;..::;:.;dent Orgamzabons • ELMS 2000 Native American Students Organization Front: Lafayette wllliams (treasurer), Maria Maybee (president). Standing: Phillip Briatco, Chris Pennudo, Bob, Dr. Lori Quigley {advisor), Adrian.e John {advisor), Ericca Sumler (vice

president), Lorretta Smoke (secretary).

Booster Club

Bobby Gates, Jessica Matos, Jason Belvin, SadeWalker, Jasslyn Hamilton, Alexa Torres, Nichole T. Williams.

ELMS 2006 • Sludent Organizations Student Union Board


Frederick McCallister, Phonernaly Xagnamonogkhon, Shanzia Menikee, Alexa Torres, Zack Beveridge, Norman Godfrey, Chaz Smith, DemarVassell, Justin Wright, Chris Gallo, Victor Simon, MerrP.des Roper, Mayra Zapata

Art History Club

Taha, Rena, Heather, Christine, Andrew, Mary, Fenn, Joe, Anthony, Jesse, Kaitlyn, Christine.

Smdent urgan1zabons • t:LMS :woo Phi Kappa Tau


Trflyj,c;WtiI tPrc; lf'ffrpy ~hohad1, Uradloy H.troh, ~<-!)l!>llU. Anthonv So.rentino. Dilo Zimdahl, A.J. Avallon, Vincent Nichtern, Leonard Young, Michael tJnrf' I Rhn t\JgnyPn , 11\~1"11'1 HF'ft\Mir1f'7 1 )nli~n Amoah 1 Jonathan nnrning

Alpha Kappa Alpha

T11ird Row: Sheri.ta Ward, Kumba Sankuh,Valene Tnc;Pphc;-n1n·rl T nln Oyobodo, C.hovonnl' Hugh~&, Joc&ic3 Bryant, Adrienne Gurry, Chm.:liu McDonald, Stephannie Samuel Second Row: Clarissa Lewis, Lakeia Godley

First Row: Shania Martinez, Chevelle Wiggins,Jlndrea Hampton, Me'Shell Drigo, Sheila Ilicks


ELMS 2006 • Student Organizations Phi Iota Alpl1a

LennyArias, Christian MP7.1'1, Rafael Payno, Alexis Reyes, Marvis Wynn, Tesus Rrmtnc; Abraham fejada. Juan Santata.

Sigma Lambda Upsilon

Ndlld KlH.lt1guez, Sarah Holder, Adeluz Garcia, Geraldine Lee, Daliza Sprouse.

Student Organizations • ELMS 2006 Alpha Phi Alpha


Azeez Saka, Kwesi Samuels, Inima Ibocko, Raffaello Brm-m, Kingsley Oh.ikuare, Craig Harrison, Wilfred fw.quhnroon IV

Lambda Upsilon Lambda

Luis Peralta, Luis Ramirez, Jason Cancel, Joseph Ramos, Gregory Perez, Jeffrey Martinez, Alex Cespedes, Eguady Gomez, Ramon Pena, Christoph er Mendoza.

\!tbe Qflms ~earbook Intercollegiate Athletics The Year in Sports By Jeff Ventura Sports Information Director

among the league leaders in scoring and rebounding, and was named honorable mention All-SUNYAC. Rookie Kelly Stoklosa highlighted the swimming and diving season, win–

leader of tl1e Bengals' cross country programs, finishing as the team's top scorer in four of nine races, including capturing the champio nship at the Hobart/William Smith Invitational. Fellow senior Jen Breier captained the volleyball team and led by example on and of the court. The art education major was named Second Team All– SUNYAC and earned the SUNY Chancellor's Scholar Athlete Award for combining athletic and academic excellence. Rookie Head Coach Nick Carien e earned SUNYAC Coach of the year honors after leading the men's hockey team to a six-win improve– ment over the previous season at 11- 14-1, and gillded the Bengals to their second-ever playoff appearance. Sean Burke, Sean Sheehan and Sean O'Connell were all First TeamAll-SUN– YAC. The women's hockey team saw a three-win improvement this season , finishing 7-14-2 overall, inclurung its first ever victory over RIT. Mary Cohen led the Bengals in scoring and became the school's all-time leading scorer among defensemen. Fajri Ansari took the reins of the men's basketball team, pacing the Bengals to a 13-13 overall record and yet another berth in the SUNYAC play– offs. Gregg Jones ranked among the learung scorers in the conference and was named Second Team All– Conference. Dian Mozelle earned Honorable Mention honors. Women's basketball made its 23rd consecutive SUNYAC Playoff appearance, despite finishing 9-17 overall. Darnika Moseley ranked

The women's soccer team high– lighted the fall docket, clinching its first wi nning season in 20 years with an ll- 0 season-ending victory over Alfred University. Senior Gina Monaco led the Bengals, who finished 8-7-2, finish– ing her career as the school's all-time leading scorer, scoring more than twice as many goals and points as any other player in school history. The men's soccer squad also had a fine season, finishing 7-7-4. The Bengals were led by First Team All– SUNYAC selection Prisco Houndanon, who finished the year with seven goals and 21 points. The season marked the first time the Bengals have finished .500 or better in back-to-back years since 1983 and 1984. On the gridiron, Buffalo State

Kelly Stoklosa

ning SUNYAC Championships in the 100 and 200 b reaststroke events, breaking a pair of 15-year-old school records in the process. The men's team placed seventh of n ine teams at SUNYACs and the women were sixth of nine. After capturing All-America honors during the 2005 indoor track and field season, Richard Harris won a nation– al championship in the 110-meter hur– dles at the 2005 -----• NCAA Divis ion III outdoor meet. Women's lacrosse jumped out to its best start in school history with seven-consecutive victories in 2005. The Bengals finished 7-6, led by rookie Erin Silky's 30 points. Softball earned its 12th 20-win season with a 29-11 mark in 2005 and qua.llfied for the SUNYAC post-season. Nadine Sirianni and Laurie Hutten each earned All-SUNYAC honors. Richard Harris

again faced one of the most difficult schedules in the nation, as six of the team's rune oppo– nents were selected for post-season competition. High - lighting the Bengals'

Mike Mikolaichik 3-6 final record was a ------ 27-20 victory at in-state rival Cortland in Week 3. Senior quarterback Mike Mikolaichikwas a standout on the field with 2, 122 passing yards and 14 touch– downs, and for his work in the class– room he was honored with theWestern NewYork Football Foundation Scholar Athlete Award. Senior Aleksandra Halter was a

The following pages feature the official photos ofthe 2005-2006 Bengal Teams.

ELMS 2006


ELMS 2006


First Row: Shannon Szymanski, Heidi Rammachcr, Nadine Sirianni, Emily Goldyn. Second Row: Rachel Perucki, Ashley Gibaud, Nicole Sabuda, Lauren Wright, Jordan Banach, Lindsay Escher, Alyssa Brosius, Gia Siracuse. Third Row: Head Coach Sandy Hollander, Assistant Coach Aaron Vanderlip, Melissa Babavage, Lindsey Matheis, Lauric llultcn, Brooke Matheis, Lauren Mruk, Kristen Schcffold, Assistant Coach, Jim Hamos, Assistant Coach GrcgWillats.

First Row: Megan Mallaber, SaraWeinert, Mike Giancarlo. Cy Creamer, Ryan Marr, Derek Stoklosa, Eric Hastings. Second Row: Kevin Buisman, Jolene Tetwilliger, Nicole Rutkowski, Susan Stiner, Megan Farrell, Sarah Garasz, Miranda Bardo!, Amanda Dory. Tl1ird Row: Tom Homesread, Rich Gaczewski, Max Foster, Matt Clark, Will Clochessy, VinceWasneechak, Dave Papke, Dan Bracey, Mike Luther. Fourth Row: Head Coach Mike Switalski, Kelly DelDuca, MindyWood, Kelly Stoklosa, Amber Sherman, Liz Keesler, Megan Stull, Laura Pino, )acki Maslanka, Lisa Heide. Paikwin Lew1g. Nicole Restrepo, Assistant Coach Marie Ryer, Diving Coach Bret Stodolka.

ELMS 2006


First Row: Amy Padowski, Katie Doane, Margaret I lughes. Krystyna Markut, Jenny Vacanu, Deirdre Blanke. Second Row: As~istant Coach Tom Proctor, Jeff Sipos, Chris Slayton, Fred Carstens, Dan Hargrave, Josh Demars, Dave Kelting, IIead Coach Jim Ramos.

First Row: Cory Mabry, llojo Muhammed, Joe Wooley, Alexander Marcus, Adam Campbell. Second Row: Wilmer Peralta, John Tammaro, Chinedu Uche, Geremy Barnwell, Tim Giagios, Alton West. Third Row: Assistant Coach Rudy Pompcrl, Assistant Coach Rashidi Greene, Ken Ciolek, Justin Muise, Todd Wassinger, Dan Hargrave, Richard Harris, Assistant Coach !zeal Bullock, Assistam Coach Greg Lott, Head Coach Eugene Lewis.

ELMS 2006


First Row: Casey Cushing, Amadu Barrie, Nick Mozg. Hich :'llamulala, Ben Miller, Prisco lloundanon, John Knobloch. Dominic Senyah, Rich Gordon. Second Row: Stephen Alexandl'r, Steve Orfanos, Christian Elizondo, Dan Corti, Shawn McDonell, Dave Grant. Gary Luniewski, Matt Westerholl.Josh Mitchell. Third Row: Assistant Coach Kevin Brenner, Brian Benson, Matt Kerchurn, Taylor Diuguid, Doug DeCook. Clint Ilolcomh, Derek O'Brien. Head Coach Rud)' Pornpert.

First Row: Anthony Irwin, Charles Hepburn, James1)'ndal, Carlton Guiden, JayWingate, Von WiUiams. Luis Pagan. Second Row: Assistant Coach Andrew McLaren, Assistant Coach Malik Campbell, Jobany Tirado, Joe Langley, Dante Griggs, James Williams, Dian Mozelle, Caleb Buczek, Lester McNair, Assistant Coach Kevin Glover, Head Coach Fajri Ansari.

ELMS 2006


First Row: Sean Sheehan, Mike DeMarco, Sean Burke, Greg Prybylski, Sean Castagna, Sean O'Connell, Mike Mariano, Aaron Allor. Second Row: Assistant Coach jason Greenway, JoelWhim, Cody Cole, Brian Dunn, NateYuronich, Richard Curtis, Jason Hill, Mike Ansell, David Roy, Paul Gagnon. Third Row: Trainer Sean Roberts, Brian Janke, Brian Nicklas, Ryan Conroy, Sean Carmack, Sean O'Donoghue, Mike Zalewski, Jon Pietrangelo, JeffMok, Head Coach Nick Carriere.


the 2005-2006 academic year but as you can all vouch for, it was worth it. The next few pages of the Elms are dedicated to the graduating class of 2006. Though representing only a small number of the graduates, these are the students who were able to truly commemorate their college experience with a timely portrait. As you turn these pages you will see some professional, traditional, and candid portraits expressing the creativity and diversity of our gradu– ates. No one will ever know why some of the graduates captured them– selves as they did, (i.e wearing wigs) but that is

how they chose to be remembered. I am sure that as they look through this book some time from now they will ask them– selves the same question. Whether you hold this book one day after com– mencement or 40 years from that day, it is our hope that you will remem– ber your many captivating experiences from the first day you stepped onto the Buffalo State College cam– pus to that much awaited day when you received your degree. You may ask: where will we go from here? The answer is: it's up to you to continue to capture your many moments in time to come.

For many years we have taken school pic– tures, showing our growth from elementary to high school days. Now that we are in the pinnacle of our educational career, we capture the moment with our college portraits. I'm sure that as you have looked at your physical changes, you can't help but remember all that you went through to get where you are. From MAT103 to your last major class needed to graduate, you made it, and for that you ought to be applauded. We have had some crazy times during



BLMS 2000

~~([lass of


Philip J. Briatico Corfu Music Educalion

Jacey Brooks Machias Ilealth and Wellness

"~ CLM ite. Mctstrr o( Mi (cttr; ~ CLM ite. cctfta.in o( Mi soul." - w-;llictM &ne.si-~e.nle.i, subM~ bi f?ct((cte.llo ~rown

Raffaello Brown Queens Economics and Finance

Jessica Bryant Yonkers Psychology

Valene Josephs-Byrd NewYo rk Cily Communication

ELMS 2006


~~ QClass of


Ruqayyah Rivera Colins Rochester Health and Wellness

Ashley Clarke Syracuse Fashion and Textile Technology

Elena Chan NewYork City English

" ia:ke. CLd\ra.nta.o-e. o( ite. offoriunifus a.he.a.d. QonT-&ust-Ma.ke. hislc>r~; cha.n 0 e. ~

- ~chelle. f(. Curtis

Sherae P. Foster Brooklyn Social Work

Shamika Gaskin Brooklyn Sociology

Michelle R. Curtis Brooklyn Sociology

ELMS 2006


~~ QClass of


Katherine V. Germain Tonawanda Theater

TaNesha Gee Staten Island Broadcasting

Robert German Bronx Broadcasting

"Yes~rdet~ is bui-et dreetM, etnd "toMorrow is onl~ et vision, bu-t--tidet~ well lived Metkes ever~ ~es~rd~ et dreetM o( hetffiness etnd ever~ "toMorrow et vision o( hofe."

- ~ubM~ b~ Ashle~ Oetrke

Aaron Groover Syracuse Economics and Finance

Shanique Harding Rochester Sociology

Samuel A. Herbert Harlem/Buffalo Individualized Studies


ELMS 2006

~~ QClass of


Natasha Hyman Rochester Criminal Justice

Jose G. Jimenez Bronx Economics

Heidy Honrado Buffalo MA Human Service Administration

"~ a:ti~nc':le.c':l olte.r colle.o-e.s anc':l u.nive.rsitie.s, but-none. o( lte.M have. wha~u.((alo <£!ale. has ~ o((e.r - lte. (acu.fu[, lte. ai"Mosfhe.re., lte. le.arnin(} e.nvironMe.nt"-all Make. Me. sac)~ le.ave.." - Ru.

Ricardo Jimenez Brooklyn Psychology

Shedricka Joshua Bronx Speech-Language Pathology

Donna Marie Coronado-Keen Halifax, PA Urban and Early Childhood Advocacy

ELMS 2006


~~ QCiass ot 2oo6~~

Kelli Keilholz North Tonawanda Fashion and Textile Technology

Melanie LaFontaine Little Falls Chemistry

Brian Landry Syracuse Crimina l Justice

"'£oMe. be.lie.ve. in de.sfrnt soMe. be.lie.ve. in (a.tr, ~ be.lie.ve. i11a.th~fine.ss is soMe.i11in6 we. cre.a.tr." - A{_e.la.nie. ~ fonta.ine.

Sha nnon Lupo Trumansburg Health andWellness

Laura Lott Buffalo Business Adminstration

Jadon Lynn Canandaigua Bus iness Admin istration


ELMS 2006

~~ Qelailil of


Nija D. Marshall Brooklyn Psychology

LasheU Maxwell Queens Public Communication

LaSheena McClendon Buffalo Fashion and Textile Technology

"~~ (au.r ~e.ars a,t-t"t,-is iMiilu.lian ~a,ve. be.e.n sue~ a, MU1ora,ble. e.)()e.rie.nce..

Yakima Melton Rochester Criminal Justice

Joanne McNeil Buffalo Sociology

Lester McNair Harlem Health and Wellness


ELMS 2006

~~(!Clans of 2006~~

Dawn C. Norman Rochester Economics and Communication

Jocelyn Mitchell Bronx Social Work

Cassandra Ortiz Washington Heights Anthropology

"~u((a.lv '£!a.!Q. wa.s a. ve.r~ intrrQ.sitn(j fla.cQ.. grQ.a.ma.chers, o-rea.T-a.tMvsfhere, o-rea.T-fQ.vflQ.. ~ will Miss (JC>in(j he.rQ.."

- C.vurine~ R a.biJea.u

Kimberly Plancher Staten Island Sociology

Chicara Pryor Buffalo Sociology

Courtney Rabideau Tonawanda History


ELMS 2006

~~ QCiass ot 2ooej~

Caroline Reyes New York City Sociology

Nora Reyes New York City Criminal Justice

Alexis Reyes Bronx Communication

"Oh, how lt-(e.e.!s -t-5 ha..ve. coMfle.ied (our ~e.a..rs. A sfe.cia..! ita..1lk ~ou -t-5 a.!! o( ite. fe.of!e. who sufforied Me., e.sfe.cia..!!~ M~ be.a..uil(ul sorors o( A-!fha.. ~~fa. A-!fha..." - ~ke.ia.. <£. qod!e.~

NguyenVan Ruth Buffalo Health and Wellness

Wanda Salas New York Communication

Neida Rodriguez Bronx Communication

ELMS 2006




Aditi Sindhi New Delhi, India MA Human Resource Development

David Adam Small Boca Raton, FL Business Administration

Daliza Sprouse New York City Business Administration

"111rou 0 hout-M~ tiMe. sfe.rihn colle. 0 e., ~ a.M ya.ie(ul (or a.ll ite. Me.Morie.s ~ ~ill icLke. ~ftl;) Me.. 11la.nks ~ a.ll M~ (rie.nds a.nd l,e.rMa.na.s ~l,o ha.ve. sufforiD Me. a.nd l,a.ve. sl,o~n Me. love. itrou 0 h ite. ~e.a.rs." -Qa.liaa. <£frouse.

Janie Sweat Buffalo Individualized Studies

Shaniece Sutton Rochester Commun icaton

Alicia Tannis Brooklyn Psychology


ELMS 2006

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