Nilkamal Carton Live Storage (CLS)

WHY USE CARTON LIVE STORAGE SYSTEM Best way to maintain First In First Out inventory (FIFO). Ideal for storing Bins, Carton, Light-weight goods. CLS Racks are very popular in the manufacturing and supply industry. These are popularly used in places requiring FIFO like food storage houses, high volume storage units, distribution centres and warehouses. CLS system also used near manufacturing and assembly lines, where there needs to be continuous, requirement of hard wares, finished components for assembly of Complete unit. It is dense storage in terms on Bin/Box storage (Manual). Travelling time is reduced since you are only putting 2 aisles, one picking and one put away. This is the cheapest dense storage which gives you FIFO by default. WHY USE NILKAMAL CARTON LIVE STORAGE SYSTEM The flexibility in design and commitment to quality makes CLS Racks from Nilkamal one of the best. It is equipped with cylindrical or flanged rollers for easy guidance of cartons. Provides free flow of material on Roller Tracks by Gravity Force Boltless modular system, easy to assemble at site. Having Adjustable Roller tracks, can adjust as per material width Beams can be adjusted as per requirement in height at 50mm pitch Its Depth of frame can be offered as per two bin, three bin or four bin requirement. Our Medium Duty Structure increases long service life of system Its Powder coated structure system provides long life to the structure.



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