Advantage Rehab: Relieving Neck Pain

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A Perspective Of Neck & Back PainWith Neck and back pain are articles that hit close to home for me. This is something that I personally have struggled with since I was in my teenage years. Sometimes I call it my blessing and my curse. Neck and back pain are not easy to live with, but because I too struggle, I can easily relate with my patients. I can offer them “tricks of daily living” as well as comfort that they really are not “falling apart”. This is just an obstacle they now get to learn how to work around. When pain is at it’s height it can sure feel defeating, however, it’s not the end. They can still live an active and full life with the right treatments and tools. When appropriate, I also educate them as to other fields that can also offer them help in managing their pain. The right chiropractor, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition and even clinical hypnosis are all amazing aspects of health care, that when working together, can provide control of back and neck pain keeping them healthy and active. My all time favorite tool for neck pain.... mechanical traction! It is often an under utilized tool that many wish they had known about years ago when dealing with their cervical pain. I’d love to tell you more. Call the office anytime!! ASHLEY KUHNAU, PTA

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