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October/November 2019

Our Favorite Mascot M y family is getting back into the groove of a new school year. Kaden has made it through several football games without any significant injuries, and it’s been great to watch him on the field. His coaches say he’s doing really well, and MACY BRINGS THE SCHOOL SPIRIT

I’m proud to see him willing to work so hard. My daughter, Macy, has two great adventures. She has made the junior high volleyball A-team and has also been selected as the high school mascot! Macy just started eighth grade, making her the top dog in junior high. This age can be rough on some kids, but Macy has always been very confident. People are drawn to her and her bright personality. My kids go to a K–12 school, and Macy has friends in all age groups. Many of her friends are in high school and have joined the cheerleading team. They thought it would be great to have Macy join them as the school mascot, because she is full of school spirit and will not be able to cheer until her freshman year. Though she’s never been in any performing arts programs, Macy has always been a performer. She’s great at entertaining people and loves to make them laugh. When the school invited her to be the mascot, she happily accepted. This is new and exciting. Macy has always been in some kind of sport, like volleyball or basketball, but being a mascot is going to be a completely different challenge. I’m proud of her for trying something new and have no doubt she’s going to be great. Macy started attending practices toward the end of summer and debuted as the mascot at a pep rally on the first day of school. From what I hear, she was a big hit! So far, she has had a lot of fun and has been the star of many fan videos. Her volleyball season has also been going very well, and she is having a great time in every game. It is a completely different challenge than putting on

the eagle costume. I attended a really small high school that didn’t have a football team or a costumed mascot, so this is a pretty neat experience for me, too. While being a mascot isn’t quite as rigorous as being on the football team, I’ve been giving Macy some physical therapy advice on how to stay flexible and energized. She has to run and jump around in a heavy eagle costume for several hours during games. We want to make sure she’s not going to peter out in the second half, when her talent is really needed to rally the crowd, especially if the team is down. It’s really cool to see my kids broadening their interests and trying new things. This is the time in their lives when they really start to learn who they are as people. I’m glad I get to be along for the ride. This year is sure to be memorable.

–Julian Manrique

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