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A SURPRISE IN THE CITY OF LIGHTS Dodging Detection and Enjoying Vegas

when you want to. And Micayla was great about texting everyone to tell them to clear the deck. Thinking back, I’m sure the security officers had a lot of fun watching us foolishly darting around the lobby. Thankfully, none of us blew our cover, and the surprise was incredibly successful. Rich was dumbfounded when he walked into the room and had no idea what was happening, which was perfect. The ducking and dodging everyone did throughout the day Friday was all worth it. We all had a great dinner, and afterward, many of the guests went out to the casinos and kept the celebration going. Las Vegas has made great strides in becoming more kid-friendly. It’s a much different trip when you bring them, since instead of heading off to gamble, parents get to focus on attending shows that are appropriate for the youngsters. We were able to catch a magic show, view several traveling museum exhibits, see their new hockey arena, watch a marathon, and even see their new NFL stadium under construction. If we could only experience all of those things in Massachusetts … Everyone had a great time in Vegas, and we were all really happy that my brother’s surprise party worked out so well. I’m grateful that the family got together to enjoy the city and one another’s company for a few days. It was a great experience for all (especially the kids)!

She suggested that since they were already in the area, why not spend a night or two in Vegas? And of course, when my brother agreed, he had no idea there were going to be 40 people waiting for him at the restaurant Friday night. It was simple enough for my family to travel out there, but the hard part was avoiding running into him. There were a bunch of us there to celebrate him — friends from work, friends from home, and many relatives, including our mother, step-mother, older brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, wives, and kids. The whole group was staying in the same place — Hotel Aria — and we were all on high alert to avoid being spotted. Our biggest worry was that Rich would notice someone around the hotel on Friday and the element of surprise would be ruined. I concocted a cover story with my family in case any of us came across him before the official surprise party. I was going to tell him that I was attending an attorney conference and brought the family along to enjoy the city, too. I went over it with the kids so no one would slip up and confess our true objective. It soon became obvious that my bogus story wouldn’t fly when we happened to be in an elevator and a man who looked vaguely like my brother stepped in with us. My three kids all immediately gasped and blushed as though they were caught in the act! It only took a moment before we realized he wasn’t their uncle, but it was clear my team would immediately crack under even imaginary pressure! I knew the cover story wouldn't really work, but luckily, we didn’t have to use it. Most of the family and friends who came just ducked out of the way when they spotted him in the lobby or the casino. The place is so large and filled with so many people that it's easy to disappear quickly

Last month, the family and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend trip to attend my brother’s surprise 50th birthday party. The whole family was in on it, and we had to be incredibly careful once everyone was in Vegas so he wouldn’t see us and accidentally spoil the entire operation. Richie’s wife, Micayla, was the one who got him to Vegas under the guise of visiting the Grand Canyon. They made plans to spend a few days at the Canyon, exploring and enjoying the magnificent view, but then she fooled him into adding a few days to the trip to spend in Vegas.

–Steven Brooks


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