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December 2019

Writing letters has become somewhat obsolete as online instant messaging and texting have become the primary means of communication today. Writing letters was once the only way people could communicate for hundreds of years, but the practice dwindled quickly once technology changed the communication landscape. Now, not very many people consider writing a letter when all they need to do is take a few seconds to call or send a text message. For goodness’ sake, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and apps allow us to “write” to anyone, even if you don’t know them. December is not only a time to think about the importance of writing a letter but also serves to encourage people to write letters more often. National Letter Writing Day is celebrated on Dec. 7, giving people all across the country an incentive to write to anyone who might be significant to them or simply to convey a heartfelt message. Writing a handwritten letter is somewhat of a lost art, but its importance lies in the time and effort it takes to sit down, write it out, and deliver it. The tough part for me is finding the uninterrupted time needed to handwrite a thoughtful letter, not to mention having the appropriate stationary or cards on hand to match the sentiment I want to express. When typing a message on a word processor, it’s easy to erase or rearrange what you’ve already written by merely hitting the backspace key or cutting and pasting. That isn’t the case in a handwritten letter. We must think carefully about the overall message and how to say it, and we must consider how it will be interpreted by the reader. All of this includes carefully choosing what words to use and taking the time to write clearly. In the end, the effort you put into a handwritten letter in this otherwise fast-paced world imbues it with more lasting meaning for both writer and reader.

Last month, I wrote briefly about what writing a letter of thanks can do for both the giver and receiver. Now, if you’re planning to participate in National Letter Writing Day, remember that your letter can be about anything you wish. You could consider reconnecting with an old friend or distant family member. A handwritten letter can be a great way to reflect on good ol’ times shared with others. Or you could reflect on political views important to you in a letter to an elected official in your community, state, or the nation. Of course, letter writing isn’t restricted to National Letter Writing Day. Consider this: All month long, thousands of kids around the world are eager to pull out a piece of paper and colored pencil and get to work asking Santa Claus for their heart’s desire to be delivered to them under the Christmas tree.

Who would you write a letter to? Give it a shot. It is good for the soul.

May you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, or whichever holiday you find meaningful.

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