Robin Hood Annual Report 2022




Dear Friends, Thank you for always being there for Robin Hood and for New Yorkers in need.

Robin Hood is New York City’s largest poverty-fighting philanthropic organization. Last year, Robin Hood enabled nearly 300 community partners to meet critical needs and create pathways to opportunities out of poverty for New Yorkers across all five boroughs. Through our strategic partnerships on child care, child poverty, jobs opportunities, and living wages, we are catalyzing impact at scale for the more than 1.4 million New Yorkers living in poverty. At Robin Hood, we believe your starting point in life should not define where you end up.

In 2022, your generosity made it possible for Robin Hood to invest $132.2 million in nearly 300 organizations supporting New Yorkers across all five boroughs. Every dollar we invested in our New York neighbors came from you and your fellow donors. Your generosity enabled Robin Hood to realize real impact in the fight against poverty. Together we’re changing lives. Because of you, our targeted, evidence-based grantmaking enabled 15,000 elementary students to improve their reading scores; doubled the graduation rates for 14,000 CUNY students; secured job placements for 3,856 New Yorkers with starting salaries ranging from $19.60 to $40.00 per hour; helped 6,500 New Yorkers avoid eviction; and delivered 44 million pounds of food to 168,000 of our neighbors. Your support made it possible for us to forge new partnerships with New York City government, like our $100 million Child Care Quality & Innovation Initiative, which will help get New Yorkers back to work by creating new options for families who lack access to affordable, safe, and quality child care. We have accomplished much together. But there is still more to do. Nearly one out of every two New Yorkers either lives in poverty or is one missed paycheck or unexpected crisis away from the brink. Poverty in New York City remains persistent and pervasive. We can do better. We must do better. In February, our annual Poverty Tracker Report revealed that poverty was on the decline in New York City. This decline was driven by temporary programs designed to stabilize families during the pandemic. But now, these critical and effective supports that elevated so many New Yorkers out of poverty are expiring. We can’t let our great city revert to a status quo that left too many New Yorkers behind. Your collective generosity gave hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers hope for the future during a time of profound suffering. Now is the time to keep moving forward. We have an opportunity to shape a new future for New York, one steeped in opportunity and the promise of a City that works for all. Your continued support of Robin Hood will help make all the difference. 2023 marks Robin’s Hood’s 35th birthday. Our mission remains as clear and critical as ever: to permanently elevate New Yorkers out of poverty — and to make sure every New Yorker has a fair shot. Together, we can and will make this a year to remember in the fight against poverty in New York City. Here, we present our Annual Report documenting our impact in 2022 — and we invite you to join us in building a city of opportunity and inclusion for all New Yorkers. Thank you for being Robin Hood!

Rich R. Buery, Jr. CEO, Robin Hood

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