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Baker Auction Company Is Going Virtual How We’re Making Sure Our Clients Can Still Connect With Donors

If there’s one thing all of us can be certain of right now, it’s that we’re in a season of uncertainty. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of businesses and organizations in the Boise area have shut their doors, and no one is sure when they’ll reopen. Several of those businesses and organizations are clients of ours who have had to reschedule or outright cancel the fundraising events they had planned. Just within the first few weeks of business closures in late March, we had rescheduled over 50 events. That means a loss of business for us, but more importantly, a loss of much-needed revenue for the organizations we work with. In no time at all, running a charity or a nonprofit has become much more difficult than it already was. That said, I don’t want to just focus on the doom and gloom of this whole ordeal. I want all of you to know that we’re actively working with our clients to be a part of the solution. To all of you reading this who work for businesses or nonprofits that have really been struggling, the first thing I want to say to you is that you’re not alone. No one is immune to the effects this pandemic has had on our economy. That’s why, as an act of solidarity, we’ve waived all rescheduling and cancellation fees. We understand how much the money you raise at your events means to your organization, and we want you to know that we are actively working on a solution that we hope will become a viable option for fundraising, even after the effects of the outbreak start to wane. At Baker Auction Company, we’ve been working on a way to host live events on a virtual platform. That way, your donors can have a way to support your organization, even while they’re quarantined. We’ve been working with a professional TV production crew and studio to film our auctions live. Your supporters can buy tickets to access the video. Then, they can

participate in paddle raises through the steaming service to bid on items. Without the costs of catering, ambiance, and the venue, these auctions will be a lot more affordable to host and a lot shorter as well. Before this pandemic started, we always assumed we would one day offer some sort of online fundraising option. When the coronavirus hit, we took that already existing idea and kicked it into high gear out of necessity. After the pandemic has passed, I can foresee this becoming a viable alternative to live auctions. I don’t think it will ever replace live events — people still like dressing up and being seen while they’re donating to a good cause — but it could be a way to access larger groups of people than any venue could hold. Done right, virtual auctions can engage larger support bases in their homes and potentially bring in more money for your cause. I’m not pretending to be the world’s best economist, but I think that on the other end of this season, there are going to be a lot of people who have been working from home and getting a paycheck who will have money to spend. Fundraising could hit an all-time high. In the meantime, I hope the virtual platform we’re working on can give you the tools you need to reach your supporters. | | (208) 739-8750 - Tyson Baker “It’s Sale Time”


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A New Era of Fundraiser Creation

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Success With ‘Loonshots’

Because of the ban on large gatherings throughout the United States, several organizations that count on people being able to gather are in trouble. Many of those organizations are nonprofits that use fundraisers that draw hundreds or even thousands of supporters to help their causes. A ban on gatherings might seem like a death knell — but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve worked in the event planning industry for 13 years, and I have a passion for helping nonprofits reach their fundraising goals so that they can help the people who need it most in their communities. That’s why when the quarantine started, Tyson Baker and I began creating what is now, a site where nonprofit organizations can find the resources they need to host their very own online auctions. Through, you can sign up for our services and we’ll help you with the rest. You’ll have complete and total access to our expert team of event coordinators and auctioneers who will all work to ensure that your online fundraising event goes off without a hitch. I’ll be your host, Tyson Baker will be your auctioneer, and Brent Berg will be your go-to guy for making everything work. Ever since I’ve been the business and development manager at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, our Crab Feed Auction has been our most important fundraiser. I work with the St. Joseph’s Parents Association to make sure that it goes smoothly every year, and this year, we were hoping to take it to the next level with Baker Auction Company’s involvement. I first saw Tyson and his team in action at another school’s fundraiser about a year ago. We had just held our Crab Feed Auction not long before, and as I watched Baker Auction Co. do what they do best, I knew that with their energy, I could take this year’s Crab Feed to the next level. I talked to our event planning committee about having them host our next auction, and they agreed. When it came time to start preparing for the 2020 Crab Feed Auction, I got in touch with Tyson, and we began planning right away. From day one, Tyson provided us with outstanding customer service. He answered all our questions, and his experience, tips, and tricks seemed like they would destine the Crab Feed for success. How Baker Auction Company Is Helping Us Get Back on Track

Many entrepreneurs dream of catching lightning in a bottle — of harnessing new, powerful ideas that will propel their business to the cutting edge. Whether they call it disruption, innovation, or genius, many business books focus on the “lightning” side of the equation. But those flashes of brilliance mean nothing without a bottle to capture them in. According to author and physicist Safi Bahcall, if you want to turn momentary inspiration into tangible success, you need structure. Bahcall explores this idea in his book, “Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform

Industries.” He examines many successful innovations that were originally deemed “crazy” or “doomed to fail,” including the breakout success of the James Bond movies and how Lipitor became a pharmaceutical blockbuster. What these phenomena have in common is that they were supported and made possible by a positive work environment structured to nurture ideas that were “just crazy enough to work.” However, success stories aren’t the only focus of “Loonshots.” The book also examines companies that paved the way as innovators, only to stifle change and lose momentum. Bahcall puts Pan American World Airways (Pan Am), Polaroid, and other titans that let the lightning out of the bottle under the microscope to show readers where the companies’ organizational structures went wrong. To Bahcall, the way business owners organize their team is the same as how temperature shapes water. You can be cold toward new ideas, which freezes progress and makes your company too brittle in the face of change, or you can be warm and let your team’s ideas flow in exciting new directions. Drawing on his experience as both a physicist and the co-founder of a biotechnology company, Bahcall is able to make his case in entertaining, down- to-earth prose. Beyond being a good read, “Loonshots” addresses an often overlooked factor in the ways innovative companies succeed at redefining their industry, making it a great addition to any entrepreneur’s library.

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We’re Here For You!

Our hearts go out to all our clients who have had to reschedule their events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is continuing to work diligently to adapt, pivot, and collaborate with all of you during this difficult time. While things have been uncertain, we are confident that we all have the potential to come out of this lockdown stronger than ever. Keep checking the Baker Auction Facebook page and website for event updates!

We understand if you have questions about how well an online auction will work. After all, it’s not something many of us have really thought to try before now! That being said, we’re confident that not only will this be the solution to many organizations’ fundraising problems during the pandemic, but it could also be a viable option for fundraising long after the pandemic is over. While we’re based in Boise, hosting events online allows us to work with organizations all over the country without anyone having to do any extensive travel. Furthermore, without costs such as catering and venue rentals, virtual fundraisers will be far more cost-effective than live auctions. It won’t ever replace live auctions, but it will definitely be another viable option in the future. Curious if virtual fundraising is right for you? Visit to find out more!

- Danielle Snelson

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Unfortunately, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to postpone St. Joseph’s Crab Feed Auction the Thursday before it was scheduled to happen. When the mayor announced that big events could no longer happen, we pushed the auction back to June. Even in the wake of the cancellation, Tyson and the Baker Auction Company team have done everything they can to help us prepare for when the Crab Feed will (hopefully) happen in the future. They’ve taken our challenges in stride and supported the decisions we’ve made for the school. We’re looking forward to having them as our auctioneers for the Crab Feed when it eventually happens.

-Anita Miller





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Finding Motivation on Those Tough Days Top Mental Strategies for Your Fitness Routine

Instead of thinking of reasons you can’t or don’t want to go, focus your mind only on the task of starting. Stepping into your workout space will often give you the mental push to actually work out. It’s also best to leave the all-or-nothing mindset behind — a 45- or 55-minute workout isn’t required every single session. Life happens, and even if it’s a short exercise, your workout will actually energize you for the rest of your day. Pushing Yourself to the Limit Studies have found that the most successful people share grit: the ability to work hard and endure even the most difficult times. Workouts will burn, and the motions may feel uncomfortable or even painful, so it’s crucial to have the grit to push yourself to the limit. Rather than give up, you should embrace the pain and see it as a sign you’re growing stronger. Adjust your inner vocabulary. Anything that seems “uncomfortable” should be reconsidered as “intense” but something you can work through. Of course, be careful of injury pains!

Whether your New Year’s workout routine is finally embedded in your schedule or you’re still trying to make it happen, always remember that your mind is just as important as your body. On some days, you may feel like anything is possible, and on others, it may feel impossible to even get out of bed. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! There’s no reason to feel ashamed if you’re struggling with gaining steam and motivation for your workout. Here are some mental strategies to help you get firmly into your routine this year and the years to come. Starting Your Workout What’s the hardest part of working out? For most people, it’s not the heavy weights or the long cardio sessions — it’s actually beginning. Sometimes, people will wake up and think that the gym or an at-home workout isn’t possible that day as they lay in bed. Some people will psych themselves out of working out because their time is limited, or they worry about how tired they’ll be after the workout (especially after or before a busy day).

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