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June 2019

During the month of June, we recognize Father’s Day. It’s important to recognize fathers and father figures and share love and appreciation with them. This Father’s Day, my sister, Norma, and I look back on our father, Norman M. Lee, with great fondness. He may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on. Our father was an accountant and spent much of his life helping people. He took time to help guide people through their finances and made sure they understood their situation. Come tax season, he was as busy as you could imagine. When he died, there was an incredible outpouring from the community. His closest family, friends, and former clients all came out to pay their respects. It was easy to see the impact he had on so many people. We inherited our work ethic from him. He was dedicated to his work, but he made sure to teach us how to treat people well. Everyone who walks through your door should be treated just like family. He wasn’t just dedicated to his work; he was dedicated to the people who came to him for help. Dad taught us that people don’t care what you know unless they know that you care. The community was everything to him, and we’ve tried to bring that into our own business. When we meet people who were once his clients, they remark that they practically already know us. He would tell them all kinds of stories about us, especially when we were

growing up. His family was a big deal to him, and he treated clients like family.

Our dad did everything he could to make us feel loved. He worked a lot, but he always took time to remind us that we were his life. He always said, “As long as you’re happy and your mom is happy, I’m happy.” Whenever Norma or I did something that made him proud, he would talk about it for weeks, sometimes even months! It didn’t matter if it was a small accomplishment, like getting on the honor roll, or a big accomplishment, like graduating from college. He loved to celebrate the wins. When I graduated from law school, my dad was so proud. He got a construction hat, made a big sign, and stood in front of our church congregation to make the announcement. He invited everyone to my graduation and even offered to charter a bus so people could attend the event. He was always there to share in our accomplishments and always wanted the world to share in those accomplishments as well. There were times when he was off work that he’d say, “Let’s go for a ride.”We’d all hop in the car, and he would take us somewhere new and exciting. We’d have no idea where we were going, but he always had something in mind. Sometimes it was a trip to a new candy store, the peanut shop, or a local place we had never been. As we drove to the destination, we used

the time to talk and bond. As simple as it seemed, it was incredibly impactful for us.

Our dad also owned the building where our office is currently located: the Financial Connection Building. It was once the site of his accounting firm, along with several other finance and insurance related businesses. He wanted to offer clients one place, a go-to spot, to handle all of their financial concerns and situations. And that was our dad’s legacy: helping people. It’s a legacy we keep alive. When you’re there for someone and you can help them, that’s when you can really make a difference in their lives and for the better! So this month and every day, we celebrate Father’s Day!

“We inherited our work ethic from him. He was dedicated to his work, but he made sure to teach us how to treat people well. Everyone who walks through your door should be treated just like family.”

-Melanie M. Lee

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