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Spooks and Scares Abound 2 Franchises That Will Make You Leave Your Light On

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. There are so many amazing and creepy costumes, and haunted houses line each street, ready to terrify people of all ages. By the end of October, everyone is spooked out, but, before the scare season is over, be sure to indulge in these two classic franchises: “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “The Walking Dead.” The first movie of this beloved horror series takes place in a town terrorized by a killer who can shift between dreams and reality, preying on the characters when they’re at their most vulnerable. Wrapped in the entrapments of classic slashers, “Nightmare” was one of the first movies to delve into the horror that can lay within our dreams. In conjunction with the terrifying plot, the movie boasted an incredible cast for its time and also marks Johnny Depp’s film debut. Robert Englund became widely known for his portrayal of Freddy Krueger and grew to be a fan favorite for decades. It wasn’t until 2003 that he made his last appearance as the infamous character, almost 20 years since the debut of the first film. While the cast made the entire series a staple in pop culture, Craven’s witty writing kept fans laughing and screaming for decades. “Wrapped in the entrapments of classic slashers, this was one of the first movies to delve into the fantasy and horror that can lay within our dreams.” ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

The morbid humor in the series was a standard note throughout the franchise. In one scene from “Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors,” Freddy turns what was a teenager’s dream fantasy about a swimsuit model into a waterbed fatality. In “The Final Nightmare,” Freddy pulls a line of dialogue from a famous Nintendo commercial before killing his victim in a video game styled sequence: “Now I’m playing with power!” This zombie series takes a different spin on the social undertones that classics like George Romero’s movies possessed. While Romero’s first films comment on the social issues of the ‘60s, season eight of “The Walking Dead” touches on the social problems of our political landscape in the modern era. The series places Rick, the main character, in situations where his leadership and government ideals are challenged. In the eighth season, he has to play a balancing act between establishing a dictatorship among his group ‘TheWalking Dead’

and engaging in a more egalitarian style. I won’t spoil the result of his moral quandary if you haven’t watched it for yourself, but the show keeps you on your seat in fear and excitement for your favorite characters while you also question their moral stances. While I love both of these franchises, there are plenty more I will be bingeing this season. What are your favorite scary movies and TV shows? Let me know the next time you stop by my offices! I love talking about my favorite scenes from these unforgettable horror classics.

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