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2019 Suntory Brands

Don’t Forget Suntory Mixers! Pages 44-45

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Angelonia Grandaisy



Bidens Bidens

Beedance Marietta Sunvillea Surdaisy

We’re satisfying your cravings for new combos. Created by Suntory Flowers’ breeders in Japan, each combo has been evaluated for garden perfor- mance and growth compat- ibility. Suntory Mixers are available as unrooted cuttings kits and several Suntory grow- ers will be rooting them.


Bougainvillea Brachyscome Calibrachoa Calibrachoa Catharanthus Catharanthus Catharanthus

Million Bells Mounding Million Bells Trailing

Soiree Ka-wa-i-i Soiree Double Soiree Crown


Sundiascia Princettia

Euphorbia Fuchsia Ipomoea

Check out the five new Suntory Mixers!

Angel Earrings


Lobelia Lobelia

Suntory Lobelia Compact Suntory Lobelia Trailing

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Petunia Petunia Petunia Petunia

Surfinia Summer Double

Lophospermum Lofos and Lofos Compact

Surfinia Sumo

* *

Mandevilla Mandevilla Mandevilla Mandevilla Mandevilla Mandevilla Dipladenia

Sun Parasol Apricot


Sun Parasol Designer White Page 21 Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Page 21

Surfinia Mounding

Roses Roses


Page 22

Sun Parasol Giant Group


* *

Sunrosa Surdiva

Sun Parasol Original Group Page 23

Scaevola Tecoma Torenia Torenia Verbena Verbena Verbena

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Sun Parasol Pretty Group

* *

Sun Trumpets


Summer Wave Bouquet Summer Wave Trailing

Pericallis Pericallis Pericallis Petunia Petunia

Baby Senetti



Senetti Sparkle Moonlight Eclipse Surfinia Heartbeat

Temari Patio Temari Trailing

* Liner only


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