Suntory_2019 Catalog


Try these hot new combinations created by Suntory Flowers’ breeders in Japan.


Each combo has been

evaluated for garden

performance and

growth compatibility.

Suntory Mixers are

available as unrooted

cuttings kits, as well as

rooted by key Suntory

Heavenly Blues Surfinia Heavenly Blue Surfinia Purple Majesty Surfinia White Improved

Patriot Mix Surfinia Purple Majesty Surfinia Trailing Red Surfinia White Improved

network growers.

Order from your favorite broker today.

Plum Perfection Surfinia Blue Veined Surfinia White Improved Surfinia Wild Plum

Pink Cheer Surfinia Briliant Pink Surfinia White Improved Surfinia Rose Veined

Double Romance Surfinia Summer Double Pink Surfinia Summer Double Rose Surfinia Summer Double White

Surf’s Up! Surfinia Giant Purple Surfinia White Improved Surfinia Giant Blue


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