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Local Creative Team Redesigns the 9–5: Silverlake Raises the Bar for Small Business and Nonprofit Branding 600 South German Lane, Suite 102, Conway, AR 72034 • 501-354-4577

They use it to share new designs, brag about their community, and highlight their field trips to different pockets of Arizona. They want to show clients their culture so they see the actual people that are working on their dream campaigns. Company culture is everything to Silverlake. The team wants their clients and staff members to feel valued and appreciated. Silverlake takes their client’s mission and adopts it as if it were their own. They ask targeted questions about their brand and ask for feedback throughout the design process so that the clients feel connected and empowered. During their team meetings, they share their wins from the previous week. Some are small victories, like “I didn’t break down when I got a parking ticket!” Some are big wins, like getting an email from a client saying they got 20 new donors from a campaign Silverlake designed. The team at Silverlake works and plays together. They’re made up of designers, writers, consultants, project managers, and developers, and they support each other’s work while valuing their differences. They also like to treat

If you’ve read our previous newsletters, you know how dedicated we are to helping our community. To make an impact, we realize we have to be a quality law firm and recognize those who are also making a difference in our neighborhood. In fact, there are so many organizations helping our community that it’s hard to pick just one to highlight! The one we decided to spotlight, however, focuses on helping nonprofits by developing essential marketing materials for those organizations. Meet Silverlake Design Studio. Silverlake is a design studio rooted in the heart of Conway. They collaborate with local small businesses and nonprofits to create logo designs, websites, and graphics to help them get clients they love! Silverlake Studio knows how difficult it is for small businesses and nonprofits to afford corporate branding and graphic design services. They bridge the gap and give back to the community because there are so many amazing nonprofits that deserve to love their logos and websites!

themselves after a job well done! A few weeks ago, they hit 25 five-star reviews on Google, which is amazing! To celebrate, they took a day trip to Fort Smith, Arizona. They played board games in a local coffee shop, posed in front of all the awesome murals, and hit up some great thrift stores. It was nice for them to get away from their usual environment and enjoy a different scene. They have a big heart for small businesses and nonprofits! They love Conway and want to see the city thrive. Silverlake loves connecting local businesses with each other over shared missions, values, and goals. Conway’s art culture is growing, and Silverlake loves collaborating with other creatives and artistic efforts, like the Alchemy Songwriting Competition or ComiConway. They want to be involved with everything that sets Conway apart. While the team at Silverlake Studio takes a more behind the scenes role, you can see the level of impact they have in our community with every piece they work on. If you know of a company that could use their expertise, you can reach out at!

As an advertising firm, one of Silverlake’s favorite social media platforms is Instagram.

“Silverlake is a design studio rooted in the heart of Conway. They collaborate with local small businesses and nonprofits to create logo designs, websites, and graphics to help them get clients they love!”

-Marcus Vaden

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