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We are thrilled to unveil the 2023-2024 edition of our beloved deBoulle Magazine. We invite you to savor every page, immerse yourself in every moment, and experience a glimpse of the deBoulle lifestyle. In this edition, we venture to the Bahamas, where our latest deBoulle Collection is brought to life amidst the backdrop of nature’s beauty and the mesmerizing blue ocean waters. Captured on location, our newest brand ambassadors – our very own Emma Boulle and models Brianna Stone and Meghan Takahashi – effortlessly blend with these breathtaking surroundings, creating the perfect setting to introduce our exquisite new designs.






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ON THE COVER: de Boulle Collection Paradise Ring, Reversible Bracelet & Necklace.



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OYSTER PERPETUAL SUBMARINER DATE 41 mm, yellow Rolesor version (combining Oystersteel and yellow gold), royal blue dial, unidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a 60-minute graduated Cerachrom insert in blue ceramic, Oyster bracelet, calibre 3235.


It’s hard to believe that four decades have passed since we first opened our doors, and it has been an incredible journey, one that we’ve been fortunate to share with all of you. In our eyes, we believe that we are in the best business in the world because we are surrounded by beautiful jewelry and timepieces, special moments, and most importantly, all the love that our cherished clients and our dear friends bring into our lives every day. I Jewelry & Special Moments Are Tied Together, Forever brought to life amidst the backdrop of nature’s beauty and the mesmerizing blue ocean waters. Captured on location, our newest brand ambassadors – our very own Emma Boulle and models Brianna Stone and Meghan Takahashi – effortlessly blend with these breathtaking surroundings, creating the perfect setting to introduce our exquisite new designs. To our cherished friends and extended family, we want to thank you for not only reading our latest magazine but also for being part of our amazing, rewarding, and magnificent journey since 1983. We raise our glasses to the next 40 years of creating timeless memories and sharing special moments together.

This year, our family business celebrates a remarkable milestone – our 40th anniversary. As we reflect on the last four decades, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude that we have been part of your special celebrations and milestones. From engagements that mark the start of a beautiful journey together, to the enduring love celebrated in anniversaries, the joy of birthdays, the birth of a child, or simply those “just because” moments that make life sparkle— deBoulle feels truly honored to be part of your treasured memories and we remain dedicated to creating your lasting heirloom pieces that hold a special place in your hearts. Jewelry and special moments are tied together, forever. Working side by side as a mother-daughter team, we feel incredibly privileged to design and curate the de Boulle collection, bringing our latest designs to life and working closely with many of you to create your own bespoke pieces. Your loyalty and support have allowed us to continue doing what we love, and for that, we are exceptionally grateful. Over the years, we have had the honor of serving thousands of customers, not just in Dallas and Houston, but around the world. And it is because of each and every one of you that we have earned our reputation as one of the most preeminent, family-owned fine jewelers in North America. Our vision, set in 1983, remains as clear today as it was then: to provide our customers with a premier collection of fine jewelry, luxury timepieces, impeccable service, and a beautiful and friendly environment. These elements continue to define The de Boulle Experience, and our commitment to offering the finest diamonds, exquisite jewelry, and timeless timepieces will endure for generations to come. Now, we are thrilled to unveil the 2023-2024 edition of our beloved de Boulle Magazine. We invite you to savor every page, immerse yourself in every moment, and experience a glimpse of the de Boulle lifestyle. In this edition, we venture to the Bahamas, where our latest de Boulle Collection is

With much love,

Karen and Emma Boulle


GIVING BACK HAPPY CAMPERS Since its founding in 1983, de Boulle has proudly supported the Dallas and Fort Worth communities.

er- Watling, who identied the need to provide scholarships for underprivileged children to attend Camp Sweeney. Today, the gala takes place just before the winter holidays under the moniker ‘Gi of Sweeney’ and raises more than $200,000 each year to fund special scholarships for children with extraordinary circumstances. Since 2012, de Boulle has helped raise more than $1,250,000 for Camp Sweeney. “Camp Sweeney provides nancial assistance to any campers who cannot pay, but sometimes even this is not enough for children to attend camp,” said Dr. Ernie Fernandez, Camp Sweeney’s volunteer Camp Director. “e Gi of Sweeney event at de Boulle allows us to bridge the gap for our families in greatest need.” To meet this need, donors fund camper scholarships and purchase rae tickets for exciting items including a matching his and her timepieces from TUDOR provid- ed by de Boulle. To learn more about Camp Sweeney or to help a child with Type 1 diabetes, visit CampSweeney.org

de Boulle is a proud supporter of Camp Sweeney, a program for children with Type 1 Diabetes. “Our goal goes beyond providing our customers with the nest retail experience possible. We are also committed to supporting and participat- ing in our wonderful community,” says Denis Boulle. A diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes changes the life of a child forever. Days lled with school, sports and activities are quickly replaced by blood tests, insulin injection and carbohydrate calculations. Every step required to manage diabetes is a step a way from what children see as “normal.” But at Camp Sweeney, Type 1 diabetes is normal. When diabetes disappears, every camper can show what makes them spe- cial, not what makes them dierent. Camp Sweeney makes the practice of good diabetic control normal, so every child is on a level playing eld and no longer feels that diabetes makes them dierent. Campers are given opportunities

to succeed and once they begin to achieve their goals at camp, they develop con- dence in their own talents and abilities. Campers support one another over the course of a session, they build friendships that are based in service – friendships they can count on long past the end of the summer. Camp Sweeney opened in 1950 and has provided a positive turning point in the lives of more than 35,000 children. Camp Sweeney is regarded as one of the largest and most eective diabetes education fa- cilities in the world and serves over 1,000 children every summer. Operating a medical childcare facility is extremely costly, about $4,500,000 per year. While some campers are able to pay tuition, Camp Sweeney provides nancial aid to approximately 65% of campers. No camper has ever been turned away. In 2012, the Sweethearts for Sweeney gala began as a collaboration between the Boulles and close friend David Genev-




“This reversible necklace embodies timeless elegance and individuality! It offers the classic sparkle of diamonds on one side and the rich allure of sapphires on the other – the best of both worlds!” de Boulle Collection Reversible Necklace 1


“What girl doesn’t love pink!? This pinky ring is perfect way to add a touch of color and style to any outfit!” de Boulle Collection Pavé Domed Ring


“I am obsessed with the sparkle and elegance of this bracelet! And I love that it can worn alone or stacked with other bracelets!” de Boulle Collection Nautical Knot Bracelet

4 “The eye-catching shimmer of this bracelet is unmatched! It is the perfect piece for everyday wear or a night out.” de Boulle Collection Pavé Diamond Open Hinged Bangle Bracelet


“The emerald cut design blended with pavé diamonds adds a touch of unique- ness and I am excited about this new addition in our collection!” de Boulle Collection Signataire Open Ring



de Boulle is renowned for beauty, quality and fine craftsmanship since 1983. de Boulle is your source for the perfect engagement ring. Most people have heard of the Four C’s- which are attributes that define every diamond. They are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.


CUT When balancing the many characteristics diamonds have in picking the perfect stone, the quality of cut is a dia- mond’s most important attribute. The quality of the cut will oftentimes have the strongest influence on a dia- mond’s allure and beauty. The reason for this is that the quality of diamond cut is measured by the balance of all its measurements in order to produce the most light from the top of a stone. If a diamond is too shallow, light will be lost through the bottom of the stone while a stone that is too deep will allow light to fall through the sides. A diamond’s cut quality can impact the visual look of its size, its color and most importantly the way it sparkles for the lady wearing it. At de Boulle, we help you find the bal- ance of this quality along with carat weight, color and clar- ity in order to pick the perfect diamond to fit your needs.

COLOR Color is a measurement of a diamond’s lack of color be- cause the majority of diamonds are most desirable when they are most white. The color scale for diamonds goes from D to Z, where D is the highest possible grade in color (most white) and where Z is the lowest grade (least white). In most cases, a diamond with apparent color will show as a pale yellow or light brown hue. Despite this, color is considered by many to be the next most important quality after cut. In some cases, this color can add warmth to a stone with a perfect stone and make it even more attractive as it sparkles for your eyes.

Ideal Cut

Deep Cut

Shallow Cut


CLARITY Clarity is a way to measure the level of tiny imperfections that exist within almost all diamonds except the very fin- est. Most imperfections within a quality diamond will re- main microscopic because you rarely look into a diamond with a microscope, but if there are too many it can affect the diamond’s apparent color rating and the way light es- capes to give the stone its brilliance. To many, a diamond’s clarity is the easiest to understand and see visually what determines the rating. Gemologists may describe these imperfections as inclusions, blemishes or clarity characteristics.

• Flawless (FL) Extraordinarily rare. No exclusions or blemishes.

• Internally Flawless (IF) – No inclusions and only minor blemishes. This level of rating is very rare.

• Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 / VVS2) – It will be very difficult to see imperfections without the help of a scope. This is an extremely high diamond quality.

• Very Slightly Included (VS1 / VS2) – Minor inclusions seen under scope.

CARAT Carat refers specifically to a diamond’s weight. A metric carat is defined as 200 milligrams. Oftentimes, one will hear diamond carat weight referred to as “points.” One carat is divided into 100 points in order to allow for very precise one hundredth decimal measurement of each carat. Oftentimes, diamond size or carat weight is an important factor in people’s final choice. If this is the case, in order to fit within a very strict budget, one may choose to find a di- amond that has a good cut, but move down on clarity and color slightly in order to find a large and “clean” stone that fits the budget. It is also worth noting that diamond prices have differences as they jump from one full carat size to the next. For example, a 2.95 carat diamond will see a signifi- cant jump in price when compared to a 3.01 carat diamond with similar grading. This is because the stone’s total value is determined based from a “per carat” value determined by its characteristics. In determining the perfect diamond, let us help you find the perfect balance as you weigh the many different char- acteristics of the diamonds you have to choose from.

• Slightly Included (SI1 / SI2) – Noticeable inclusions seen under a scope and some visible to the naked eye.

• Included (I1) – Significant inclusions visible to the na- ked eye oftentimes.



Dallas-native Carl Allen and his team continue to discover priceless sunken treasure in the Bahamas. By Bill Springer

It’s no secret that Carl Allen and his wife Gigi own a fleet of yachts that include: the 164-foot-long luxury yacht Gigi, the AXIS, a commercial-grade, 182-foot-long Yacht Support Vessel, the Frigate, a brand-new Viking 80 sportfish, and a host of other water and aircraft. And the word has been out for a while that he and his family bought and have been re -

building legendary fishing destination—Walker’s Cay—in the northern Bahamas. In fact, he’ll be the first to admit that all the investment and philanthropy he’s dedicated to rebuilding Walker’s Cay, and helping surrounding islands in the Abacos has been fu - eled by his love of fishing and the people of the Bahamas.


But for Allen, owning a fleet of yachts and an entire is- land is only part the story that revolves around his life-long passion for treasure hunting. In fact, he’s done way more than just “hunt” for treasure. He and his AllenX team have found countless priceless artifacts including gold and silver coins, jewelry, large silver bars, countless loose gemstones, weapons, pottery etc., that sank aboard the Spanish trea- sure ship Maravillas in 1656. As you might guess of a modern-day underwater explorer, Allen is a wonderful combination of realist, romantic, and history buff. He’s a realist when he talks about how hard, frustrating, and expensive recovering treasure that’s been strewn across countless miles of open ocean can be. “It’s like searching for a needle…in a desert…underwater,” he says. But he’s a romantic when he talks about the myth of the Maravillas that’s occupied his imagination since he was young. And he’s a total history buff when he starts talking about what life on board the ship must have been like in 1656. “It’s definitely been a childhood dream to be doing what I’m doing now,” he adds. “But Gigi and I started with our love of the Bahamas. We’ve helped out after the hurricanes hit and during the pandemic too. Finding and preserving these artifacts is way bigger than just Gigi and me,” he says. And Allen’s team is finding truly priceless items all the time like the flawless 20 carat emerald embedded in gold and surrounded by 12, two carat emeralds around a Knights of Santiago cross pictured here. But that’s only the beginning. “What’s it feel like to find something so beautiful, and priceless while diving in the Bahamas?” I ask. “I’ve found a half a dozen coins, a couple emeralds, pot- tery, and things like that. But, I never find the big stuff,” he says with a wonderful mix of humor and humility. “The beauty of AllenX is that it’s always a team effort. “But I was probably more excited than the team when they found that emerald broach the massive, solid gold chain on the same day,” he adds. “Andy had just dropped down into the water when he saw something shimmer out of the corner of his eye. It was a little piece of gold sticking out of the sand that ended up being the emerald broach. “His dive partner found the 2.2-pound solid-gold chain that was just sparkling in the sun on the bottom on the next dive! Can you imagine being out there in the middle of the ocean finding those amazing artifacts so close together?” he says with a smile. And now that Allen is considering making his entire fleet, use of Walker’s Cay, and the ability to dive on the site avail- able to a lucky few, you might actually get a once-in-a-life- time chance to live the superyacht life, fish for marlin and bonefish, and best of all…hunt for treasure too. He’s calling it the AllenXperience. More info: www.walkerscay.com



An Endless Summer For 40 years, de Boulle has set itself apart with its own branded line of jewelry: the de Boulle Collection. Designed and curated by mother and daughter duo, Karen and Emma Boulle, the collection transcends generations. Handcrafted and beautifully designed it is fine jewelry that embodies de Boulle. From stackable bands and bracelets to dangling earrings, pendants and more ― the designs are chic and elegant and for women of all ages. X marks the spot ― for the first time ever, we ventured to the Bahamas to bring the de Boulle Collection to life. We also recruited our very own Ms. Boulle as a de Boulle Brand Ambassador along with Brianna Stone and Meghan Takahashi. Take a voyage with us to explore and discover treasures from de Boulle.











Bari e simple joy of Italian. Serving classic dishes from the mountains to the sea.

River Oaks District 4444 Westheimer Road – Suite A-175, Houston, Texas. 832.415.9222 www.bariristorante.com









Laureato Panda Chronograph. More than 230-year history of patents and awards. Black and white. 100% by us. Design and movement, since day one.










Depart from the ordinary. Enjoy private jet perks at airline prices when you fly from our private terminals in Dallas and Houston. Check in just 20 minutes before your flight and experience the thrill of members-only service without the membership fees. We’ve removed the stress, the lines and the hassles from the equation so you can fall in love with flying again.

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OYSTER perpetual Submariner

The Oyster Perpetual Submariner and Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, archetypes of the divers’ watch, epitomize the historic link between Rolex and underwater exploration. THE REFERENCE AMONG DIVERS’ WATCHES

Unlocking the deep The Submariner, created in 1953 for pioneers of underwater exploration, and the Submariner Date, launched in 1969, are universal symbols of waterproofness and reliability. With their rotatable bezels to accurately monitor dive time, they are among the most recognizable, iconic watches ever designed.


L aunched in 1953, the Submariner was the first divers’ wrist- watch waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet). The Submariner Date, with its date function in addition to the time, was introduced in 1969. The waterproofness of both models was later increased to 300 metres (1,000 feet). Thanks to their renowned robustness, they have moved beyond the marine depths, becoming watches of choice for a wide range of sports and other activities. A true divers’ watch by design As an underwater survival tool, the Submariner’s design has been entirely dictated by the practical needs of divers. The model has evolved technically and been endowed with features to improve overall functionality. Featuring a 41 mm Oyster case, distinctive dial with large luminescent hour markers and hands, unidirectional rotatable bezel and Oyster bracelet, the Submariner and Submariner Date are among the most recognizable watches ever designed. Contributing to the strong visual identity, a graduated Cerachrom bezel insert made from high-tech ceramic is key to their functionality. Its 60-minute graduation allows a diver to monitor diving time accurately. Reliability, robustness and functionality The Submariner and Submariner Date’s Oyster case is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 300 metres (1,000 feet). The Triplock winding crown – fitted with a triple waterproofness system – screws down securely against the case, providing increased water resistance. Designed to be both robust and comfortable, the Oyster bracelet is equipped with an Oysterlock safety clasp,

OYSTER PERPETUAL SUBMARINER DATE 41 mm, yellow Rolesor version (combining Oystersteel and yellow gold), royal blue dial, unidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a 60-minute graduated Cerachrom insert in blue ceramic, Oyster bracelet, calibre 3235.

Watches in the Submariner range are symbols of reliability and among the most recognizable timepieces ever designed.

Chronometer status is symbolized by a green seal and is coupled with an international five-year guarantee. A key to the deep The Submariner was created specifically for underwater exploration and diving. When it first came out of the Rolex workshops, the watch was an immediate success with many pioneering deep-sea professionals, who were asked to test it. One of those trailblazers was Dimitri Rebikoff, a French engineer and underwater photographer. In his 1953 report, Rebikoff wrote that it had performed outstandingly well in trials: “We are able to confirm that this watch has not only given entire satisfaction in diving conditions which were extremely tough and particularly murderous for the material used, but that it has proved an indispensable accessory for all diving with inde- pendent equipment.”

which prevents accidental opening, and a Rolex Glidelock extension system, allowing fine adjustment of the bracelet length without using any tools. The Submariner and Submariner Date are equipped with calibre 3230 and calibre 3235 respectively, self-winding mechanical movements entirely devel- oped and manufactured by Rolex. Their architecture, manufacturing and innova- tive features make them singularly precise and reliable. Both movements’ power reserve extends to approximately 70 hours. Superlative chronometer certification Like all Rolex timepieces, watches in the Submariner range are covered by the Superlative Chronometer certification. This designation testifies that every watch has successfully undergone a series of tests conducted by Rolex in its own laboratories. The Superlative


the way the late ‘80s. These robust instruments have also served sail - ors in all types of underwater roles, including UDTs, Seabees and Navy dive school instructors. The issued TUDOR Submariners have played a role in teaching the basics of scuba diving at the Underwater Swim- mers School, all the way to aiding in underwater submarine maintenance at submarine bases in the US and abroad. Issued TUDOR watches also played a role in pioneering innova - tive underwater technologies under the surface of oceans across the globe. Throughout the decades, TUDOR has supported the US Navy as a sup- plier of issued watches. In the 1965 “First Edition” of the Underwater Demolition Team Handbook, a TU- DOR Oyster Prince Submariner ref. 7928 is pictured next to the “Diving Watch” paragraph. The handbook was an essential piece of literature for new operators as they studied UDT operational procedures. Later, in 1973, the US Navy Diving man- ual lists the TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner references 7016 and 7021 as “Navy-approved” diving watches. In 1974, the National Stock Number system was introduced to track the supply system of the US Department of Defense. From 1978, under code 6645-01-068-1088, a supply officer could purchase and issue a TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner reference 9411, or later 76100, to an approved sailor or operator in need of a reliable Navy-approved dive watch. This spe- cific supply catalog entry was only retired in 2004. Watches issued to members of the military are typically engraved with specific inventory codes, but the US Navy-issued TUDOR watches didn’t follow this pattern. There was never a force-wide, consolidated marking system. Instead, the issued watches were either sterile, or marked at the unit level, with many different cod- ing typologies, most of which were used for inventory purposes. Since many of these watches issued by the US Navy remain unmarked, it makes it quite difficult for watch scholars of today to determine the military provenance of a given TUDOR, even though official records indicate that


PELAGOS FXD The new Pelagos FXD pays tribute to decades of TUDOR watches on the wrists of US Navy divers. Complete with fixed strap bars, a titanium case, a high-performance Manufacture Caliber and a unidirectional bezel.

As early as the mid ‘50s, TUDOR diving watches were being tested and evaluated by a number of outfits inside the US Navy, and by 1958 they were officially adopted by the Navy and purchased for the purpose of issuing them to divers operating in various units. This Pelagos FXD model is the spiritual successor of those watches. The nomenclature hints at the background of the watch, with FXD referring to the incredibly robust FiXeD strap bars of the case. The model represents a modern, high-performance and robust take on the famed “Milsub” (short for Military Submariner) of yesteryear.

Visually, it’s most in line with a late ‘60s-era TUDOR Oyster Prince Sub- mariner reference 7016; it incorpo- rates elements from the US military specifications for diving watches, such as fixed spring bars, as well as details inspired by other generations of issued TUDORs, like pointed crown-guards typically found on early TUDOR Submariners. TUDOR AND THE US NAVY The US Navy issued TUDOR diving watches for decades starting in the latter years of the ‘50s. The watches were famously used by SEAL teams from their commissioning in 1962 all


known as “Snowflake”, introduced by the brand in 1969 to increase the intensity of the luminescence of its watches in poor light conditions. It also features a unidirectional rotating bezel with a sand-blasted ceramic insert with luminescent material. Its 42mm titanium case is waterproof to 200 meters and is entirely sat- in-brushed to produce a matt effect to limit light reflections. A FABRIC STRAP IN PURE NAVY STYLE Historically, the US Navy oftentimes had their divers fit their TUDOR watches with fabric straps, typical- ly one-piece ones in black or green made out of nylon. The two straps of the Pelagos FXD nod to this military custom of wearing watches on straps rather than bracelets, with a twist. A one-piece green fabric strap with red central thread and self-gripping fastening system comes as the flag- ship configuration, while an addi- tional black embossed fabric-motif one-piece rubber strap brings a fresh subtle take to a classic look. The one-piece fabric strap is one of the hallmarks of TUDOR, which in 2010 became one of the first watch- making brands to offer it with its watches. Woven in France on 19th century Jacquard looms by the Julien Faure company in the St-Etienne region, its manufacturing quality, ro- bustness and comfort on the wrist are unique. For the Pelagos FXD model, a highly technical strap construction was developed by TUDOR and Julien Faure. Made up of a 22mm forest green nylon woven ribbon with a red central thread, a titanium “D” buckle and a self-gripping fastening system, it adapts to different wrist sizes and is very comfortable to wear. THE MANUFACTURE CALIBER MT5602 The Manufacture Caliber MT5602 that drives the Pelagos FXD mod- el displays the hours, minutes and seconds functions. It has the finish typical of TUDOR Manufacture Calibers: its rotor in tungsten mono- bloc is openwork and satin-brushed with sand-blasted details, while its

bridges and mainplate have alternate sand-blasted, polished surfaces and laser decorations. Its build has been designed to ensure robustness, longevity, reliabil- ity and precision, as has its variable inertia balance, which is maintained by a sturdy traversing bridge with a two-point fixation. Together with its non-magnetic silicon hairspring, the Manufacture Caliber MT5602 is certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), with its perfor- mance going beyond the standards set by this independent institute. In fact, where COSC allows an average variation in the daily running of a watch of between -4 and +6 seconds in relation to absolute time in a single movement, TUDOR insists on be- tween -2 and +4 seconds’ variation in its running when it is completely assembled. Another notable feature is that the power reserve of the Manufacture Caliber MT5602 is “weekend-proof”; that is to say about 70 hours, which enables the wearer to take the watch off on a Friday evening and put it back on again on Monday morning without having to wind it. Shop the TUDOR Collection in our Dallas location or at deBoulle.com

very large quantities, in a number of references, were delivered over a span of multiple decades. A UNIQUE SET OF SPECIFICATIONS Initially developed in conjunction with active duty combat swimmers, the Pelagos FXD case is based on a set of specifications that are as precise as they are demanding. For this reason, it includes some functional features that are unique in the TUDOR col- lection, such as its fixed strap bars, which are directly machined into the main body of the 42mm titanium case for increased robustness and reliability. Shaped as an extension of the lugs, they are key to the model’s characteristic silhouette. Another fea- ture of this model is the ergonomic 60-notch rotating bezel. Unidirection- al with a luminescent material-filled 60-minute-graduated ceramic in- sert, it corresponds to ISO standard 6425:2018 for divers’ watches. In aesthetic terms, this Pelagos FXD model is inspired by the TUDOR divers’ watches historically used by US Navy personnel in the late 60’s through early 80’s. It is black in color and has the characteristic square hour markers and angular hands,


Overindulge? You’re welcome to try.

EXPERTS IN EXCELLENCE Because we believe drivers of the world’s finest vehicles deserve to be treated as such.


PAGES 12-13 Paradise Ring Aquamarine totaling over 6 carats sits a top a hand crafted mounting in 18K white gold with sapphires, Tsavorite garnets and diamonds. Sapphire huggies in 18K white gold.

PAGES 14-15 Evil Eye Talismans in 18K yellow gold set with blue sapphires and diamonds or black and white diamonds with Tsavorite garnets. Star and Moon Amulets with diamonds in 18K white gold. The designs can be worn individually or layered. Chains sold separately.

PAGES 17-18 “B” Link Collection Necklaces available in rose, white and yellow gold with de Boulle’s signature “B” link. “B” Link Collection Bracelets available in rose, white and yellow gold with de Boulle’s signature “B” link.

PAGE 19-20 40th Anniversary “B” Link Collection Necklaces available in white and yellow gold with pavé diamond link, toggle and de Boulle’s signature “B” link. “B” Link Collection Necklaces available in rose, white and yellow gold with de Boulle’s signature “B” link.

PAGES 21-22 Linkedin Double Strand Necklace & Bracelet with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Tubogaz collar, bracelets and rings with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Cupid Earrings with freshwater pearls in 18K yellow gold. Coral Pendant with diamonds in 18K rose gold. Chain sold separately. Pavé Domed Ring (3.69 ctw.) in 18K white gold.

PAGES 24-25 Hoop Earrings available in yellow sapphires, blue sapphires or Tsavorite garnets set in 18K white or yellow gold. Ebony Serpent Cuff with emerald eyes, diamonds, ebony scales and set in 18K yellow gold. Serpent Cuff and Necklace with emerald eyes, diamonds and set in 18K yellow gold.

PAGES 28-29 Oblong Hoops with diamonds (9.51 cts.) in 18K white gold. Reversible Chain Link bracelet and necklace in 18K yellow gold with diamonds and sapphires. Sailors Knot Rings in 18K white gold featuring sapphires and diamonds or rubies and diamonds. TUDOR Black Bay with blue dial and diamond markers.

PAGES 26-27 Signataire Stacking Bangle with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Open Geometric Bracelet with diamonds (3.30 ctw.) in 18K yellow gold. Diamond Baguette Bracelet in 18K yellow gold 1.90 (ctw.).Secret Garden Bracelet with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Cinq Ring with diamonds (1.70 ctw.) in 18K yellow gold. Sailors Knot Bracelet with diamonds (1.57 ctw.) in 18K yellow gold. Link Earrings with diamonds in 18K yellow gold.

PAGES 30 & 33 Tubogaz Bracelets with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Emma Linear Drop Earrings with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Love Pendant with diamond heart in 18K yellow gold. Cinq Ring with diamonds (1.70 ctw.) in 18K yellow gold. Secret Garden Bracelets with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Customizable Bracelets in 18K yellow gold.

PAGES 34-35 Diamond Chokers in 18K yellow gold with emer- ald or ruby centers. Clash Earrings set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds and emeralds (1.62 ctw.). Archetype Rings available in 18K white or yellow gold with an array of stones.

PAGES 36-37 X Marks the Spot Cuff in 18K white gold with sapphires (9.05 ctw.) and diamonds (4.02 ctw.). Oblong Hoops with diamonds (9.51 ctw.) set in 18K white gold. Turquoise Bead Necklace in 18K yellow gold with diamond clasp. Open Geometric Bangle with diamonds (3.30 ctw.) in 18K white gold. Element Ring with turquoise and diamonds in 18K white gold. TUDOR Black Bay with anthracite dial and diamond markers.

PAGES 38-39 Strands of South Sea baroque pearls, accented by sapphires in 18K white gold. Pavé Diamond Choker with 15.59 ctw. set in 18K white gold. Octagonal Cuff with diamonds (9.90 ctw.) in 18K white gold.

PAGES 41 Pavé Choker with sapphires (20.12 ctw.) in 18K white gold. Hoop Earrings with sapphires in 18K white gold. Sailors Knot Ring in 18K white gold with sapphires & diamonds.

PAGES 42-43 Diamond Ear Cuff in 18K white gold (1.06 ctw.). Twisted Earrings & Pendant in 18K white gold with diamonds. TUDOR watch with silver dial & diamond markers. Pyramid Cuff with diamonds (1.0 ctw.) in 18K white gold. Diamond Bangle in 18K white gold (2.37 ctw.).

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