2023/2024 deBoulle Collection Magazine

CUT When balancing the many characteristics diamonds have in picking the perfect stone, the quality of cut is a dia- mond’s most important attribute. The quality of the cut will oftentimes have the strongest influence on a dia- mond’s allure and beauty. The reason for this is that the quality of diamond cut is measured by the balance of all its measurements in order to produce the most light from the top of a stone. If a diamond is too shallow, light will be lost through the bottom of the stone while a stone that is too deep will allow light to fall through the sides. A diamond’s cut quality can impact the visual look of its size, its color and most importantly the way it sparkles for the lady wearing it. At de Boulle, we help you find the bal- ance of this quality along with carat weight, color and clar- ity in order to pick the perfect diamond to fit your needs.

COLOR Color is a measurement of a diamond’s lack of color be- cause the majority of diamonds are most desirable when they are most white. The color scale for diamonds goes from D to Z, where D is the highest possible grade in color (most white) and where Z is the lowest grade (least white). In most cases, a diamond with apparent color will show as a pale yellow or light brown hue. Despite this, color is considered by many to be the next most important quality after cut. In some cases, this color can add warmth to a stone with a perfect stone and make it even more attractive as it sparkles for your eyes.

Ideal Cut

Deep Cut

Shallow Cut


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