2023/2024 deBoulle Collection Magazine


Dallas-native Carl Allen and his team continue to discover priceless sunken treasure in the Bahamas. By Bill Springer

It’s no secret that Carl Allen and his wife Gigi own a fleet of yachts that include: the 164-foot-long luxury yacht Gigi, the AXIS, a commercial-grade, 182-foot-long Yacht Support Vessel, the Frigate, a brand-new Viking 80 sportfish, and a host of other water and aircraft. And the word has been out for a while that he and his family bought and have been re -

building legendary fishing destination—Walker’s Cay—in the northern Bahamas. In fact, he’ll be the first to admit that all the investment and philanthropy he’s dedicated to rebuilding Walker’s Cay, and helping surrounding islands in the Abacos has been fu - eled by his love of fishing and the people of the Bahamas.


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