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GIVING BACK HAPPY CAMPERS Since its founding in 1983, de Boulle has proudly supported the Dallas and Fort Worth communities.

er- Watling, who identied the need to provide scholarships for underprivileged children to attend Camp Sweeney. Today, the gala takes place just before the winter holidays under the moniker ‘Gi of Sweeney’ and raises more than $200,000 each year to fund special scholarships for children with extraordinary circumstances. Since 2012, de Boulle has helped raise more than $1,250,000 for Camp Sweeney. “Camp Sweeney provides nancial assistance to any campers who cannot pay, but sometimes even this is not enough for children to attend camp,” said Dr. Ernie Fernandez, Camp Sweeney’s volunteer Camp Director. “e Gi of Sweeney event at de Boulle allows us to bridge the gap for our families in greatest need.” To meet this need, donors fund camper scholarships and purchase rae tickets for exciting items including a matching his and her timepieces from TUDOR provid- ed by de Boulle. To learn more about Camp Sweeney or to help a child with Type 1 diabetes, visit CampSweeney.org

de Boulle is a proud supporter of Camp Sweeney, a program for children with Type 1 Diabetes. “Our goal goes beyond providing our customers with the nest retail experience possible. We are also committed to supporting and participat- ing in our wonderful community,” says Denis Boulle. A diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes changes the life of a child forever. Days lled with school, sports and activities are quickly replaced by blood tests, insulin injection and carbohydrate calculations. Every step required to manage diabetes is a step a way from what children see as “normal.” But at Camp Sweeney, Type 1 diabetes is normal. When diabetes disappears, every camper can show what makes them spe- cial, not what makes them dierent. Camp Sweeney makes the practice of good diabetic control normal, so every child is on a level playing eld and no longer feels that diabetes makes them dierent. Campers are given opportunities

to succeed and once they begin to achieve their goals at camp, they develop con- dence in their own talents and abilities. Campers support one another over the course of a session, they build friendships that are based in service – friendships they can count on long past the end of the summer. Camp Sweeney opened in 1950 and has provided a positive turning point in the lives of more than 35,000 children. Camp Sweeney is regarded as one of the largest and most eective diabetes education fa- cilities in the world and serves over 1,000 children every summer. Operating a medical childcare facility is extremely costly, about $4,500,000 per year. While some campers are able to pay tuition, Camp Sweeney provides nancial aid to approximately 65% of campers. No camper has ever been turned away. In 2012, the Sweethearts for Sweeney gala began as a collaboration between the Boulles and close friend David Genev-


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